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‘Like a Military Operation’
Flint Town a Netflix Documentary

I dread Netflix documentaries for their slant. But Flint Town views like The Wire of urban crime documentaries. The series begins in November 2015 in the wake of the fallout from the Flint City Administration poisoning the entire town with lead via a scheme to save money on the water supply.

Flint is the second poorest city in the United States.

With a population of 100,000 the police force has been reduced from 300 to 98!

Calls typically take a day to answer.

One man is shown waiting 27 hours for a police officer to respond to him being robbed.

Police chiefs last 3-5 years.

For decades Flint has always been amongst the three most violent cities in America.

The cop interviews are presented as monologues.

One cop points out that the fact that breaking and entering crimes are NEVER caught in progress is one of the realities that has given such crimes a strong momentum.

A lone female officer—a real beauty—is routinely dispatched alone, admits to being intimidated and claims that the stress and danger of the job will prevent her from having children. Her and her handsome, masculine cop boyfriend, instead of marrying and having children own a cat and a dog.

One cop says that he only responds to 1 in 50 calls.

The police department’s only drug dog was donated by the Sonitrol company.

The new police recruits are trained in a regional academy which no longer employs boxing as an activity, meaning that cops who are struck in the face will tend to panic. Flint’s newest recruits are a mother and son team!

One hard-edged blonde female cop was interviewed about black women threatening and not respecting her and she responded by declaring that she at first treated blacks better than other people but since she had “earned my bitch wings” she has treated black suspects with the same approach to police work as those of other races.

By the third episode Flint’s black female mayor has canned the easygoing black police chief for a hard driving black police chief, and the town’s prospects seem to be bleaker than ever as a tactical unit is created to aggressively shut down crime, using a donated Hummer even as the town’s makeshift meat wagon consists of a single SUV, into the back of which a man’s loose body is slung in a body bag.

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WellRead EdMarch 14, 2018 6:19 PM UTC

Ahhhh, NORTH North Dindustan; a city that has managed to out Detroit Detroit. Since General Motors left in the 80's, Flint has been on a breakneck decline into Third World status. Their latest debacle, the contamination of the entire city's water delivery system can be traced directly to the City Council's decision to disconnect from the Detroit Water Treatment System (oddly, the ONLY system in Detroit that still works). Yet, as is typical of Dindus, they take no responsibility; it's all Trump's fault.