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Pussy Police, English Style
From the Night Shepherd

There appear to be no limits to the degradations which Her Majesty’s Bobby’s will allow upon themselves.

A Reparations Recovery agent manhandles a Bobby just because he can:

It seems to me there are at least three unarmed counters to this situation.

For wrestlers, The Gentleman’s Special (aka lift and separate):

For dirty birds such as myself, The Twist and Shout:

Drop to one knee, grab the scrotum from behind, squeeze, rotate, and attempt to remove. (Sorry, no video available.)

And finally, for the well-trained and limber, there is The Brazilian Wax (at 1:09):

But these Brit twits are so far gone down the slope away from manhood that I’m sure nothing more decisive than a pushme-pullyou was attempted.

These pusillanimous police procedures extend from the specific to the general, as English coppers appear completely unable and unwilling to control the streets.

Mindset is everything.


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BobMarch 14, 2018 9:33 AM UTC

I've got to say, the Mexican police were very tolerant of Mr. Big Cuchillo and his woeful relationship. Who hasn't felt sorry for the spurned lover?
BobMarch 14, 2018 9:25 AM UTC

# 2: Muslim's got a knife so prudence is in order (cf. Mexican police and knife-wielding, jilted lover