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'How Will You Continue?
When the Crackdown Comes? A Man Question from Luther

Okay, Brother. You know that when the Left gets back into power that there will be a clean sweep of the internet. What is your long term game plan as a writer?


The main site:

Charles has done a ton of work developing this platform that generates most of my revenue. So, if Oprah becomes Mamma America I will:

1. suppress and eliminate all reader comments, for my readers are who shall hang me,

2. cease publishing guest authors for the same reason,

3. have Charles delete all pre-election articles,

4. write a disclaimatory heading apologizing for the decade long bout of literary insanity brought about by my breakup with Tannika,

5. write only history, fiction and combat advice.

Other platforms:

1. the blogspot content would have to be transferred to a non-google platform

2. all Amazon publications would be duplicated in other media pending their suppression

3. my google email address will have already been replaced by an alternative

4. Video and audio would all carry a disclaimer that the publisher was simply exposing me for being a dangerous mind for the greater good of the jive hive hood, and would be duplicated in a survivable underground format.

5. New content will all be written according to masking principles.

6. Finally, I would encourage my family to denounce me as a danger to society.

All of these contingencies are underway.

Thanks for your concern, Luther.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.March 17, 2018 7:49 AM UTC

I think it likely my comments would go fast. I plead with you to save them to a zip drive. If you drop the drive with my comments on it into a jar of alcohol, like Tannerite, it could be thrown at people like grenades in extremes.
BobMarch 14, 2018 7:25 PM UTC

Thanks for offering a venue for catharsis and learning, and for weathering the heat, which must already be quite something.