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‘Warm Up the Pythons’
End Time News You Want to Use from the Usual Suspects

What the Faaack!

First the Rotherham grooming scandal, now Telford:

Back when the Louis CK "scandal" broke, I was arguing with this chick I used to go out with—she's one of these professional black women who are single, childless, and creeping up on middle age, and STILL unwilling to let go of feminism and its bullshit theories.

She was up in arms about Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein and the rest of them—and I just casually asked her if she knew what happened in Rotherham. NOTHING.

-Carbon Mike

Listen to Carbon Mike at

20 Answers for Black People

Have a laugh!

-WellRead Ed

Burning British Bitches

A Warning from History

Something awful for our Australian Friends

People Really Loved the Monarchy Episode


James, this man Steve savoie has participated in the French stick fencing championships. He is going to be doing some training starting next month on Wednesdays. If you’re up to it I'd like to go there and take a look and see what you think take care.

James could this kickboxer and stick fighter be a relation?

I hope not. The thought that I could live that long is positively horrifying.

-Big Ron

Greg on Writing

-Mescaline Franklin

Flip Shitlord Update

“And if we run outta crocodiles, warm up the pythons”.

Edward Byers - Wikipedia

Edward C. Byers, Jr. (born August 4, 1979) is a United States Navy SEAL who received the Medal of Honor on February 29, 2016 for the rescue of a civilian in ...


How the Ghetto Got My Soul

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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BobMarch 16, 2018 3:23 AM UTC

@ Mescaline Franklin: Thanks for the Johnson articles. Timely and timeless.