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Christianity and Pedophilia
By John Saxon & James LaFond

Here is a real problem for the Christians:

“The Australian Catholic Church has released "grim" data revealing 7 per cent of priests, working between 1950 and 2009, have been accused of child sex crimes.

The worst-offending institutions, by proportion of their religious staff, have been shown to be the orders of brothers, who often run schools and homes for the most vulnerable of children.

This is the most substantial dataset released to date about the extent of child sex abuse within the Australian Catholic Church, and was done with cooperation from them as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The church surveyed 10 religious institutes and 75 church authorities to uncover the abuse data on priests, non-ordained brothers and sisters, and other church personnel who were employed between 1950 and 2009.

Counsel Gail Furness, SC, said 4,444 alleged child sex abuse incidents were recorded in the survey.

Ninety per cent of the victims were boys, with their average age at time of abuse being 11-and-a-half years old.

Girls were only 10-and-a-half years old on average when they were abused.”

Now even though my Christian critics would like to meet with me for a good old fashioned US six shooter match at High Noon, can we not agree on this one, that it is horrific? I thought that this was just a problem localised to the Catholic Church because of celibacy, but there are claims from Protestant church leaders that the abuse issue is even worse in Protestant churches. How could that be?

So, my dear enemies, how do you explain this utter corruption of church leadership going right to the very top?

Sure, you have original sin and all that in your handy dandy tool kit, but really, since we are all immersed in it, original sin does not specifically explain the issue, does it? As well, the humanists complain about Christian prudery etc., vilifying Christian philosophers such as St Augustine etc., but there is no way that they would have engaged in the depravity of modernity. They advocated exactly the opposite. Compared to the moderns, they really were saints.

Nor am I saying that all Christians are pedophiles, for of course, almost all are not, and most highly value family and children, and are basically good people. I hate to even think this, but even my enemies here, at the end of the day, are probably good men too. But, your higher leaders seem to have joined the ranks of Satan, as you might put it in your paradigm. Why would God allow His church to be destroyed. Free will? Hardly. And, what are you doing about this? Nothing.

I am at a loss to explain the preoccupation with kiddy fiddling by the Christian elites. I can see why the DC pizza eaters may play this power game, but why the Christians too? If it is just the expression of power, why doesn’t God teach them a bitter lesson? Doesn’t He answer prayers? What about the thousands of prayers by abused children, some traded in “priestly” sex gangs? It is an abomination.

On this issue alone, I am motivated to sweep the entire Christian trip into the dustbin of history, as most people are doing. No issue has turned people off Christianity like this one, so it is really a problem for you, at least sociologically. For me, it is more proof that your God simply does not exist.

Let’s hear some explanations instead of personal abuse for a change. We all need to work on this one to stop it. First thing is to bring back public executions via the axe.

James’ Commentary

Mister Saxon, I can state, as someone who was raised Catholic under Vatican 2, that those older family members who remain in the church feel betrayed by it and those younger family members who have remained Christian have all left the church for young protestant congregations. Also, I was constantly reminded by protestants as a boy that my parents, being catholic, were devil worshippers. As a heathen I value Catholicism for forming a bulwark against the even more slave-minded Islam in the Middle Ages and for keeping alive aspects of pagan myth and culture.

However, as a civilized institution it is, and must be, utterly corrupt. I doubt if rape of youth in catholic schools and youth outreach facilities are any worse than in the secular settings. I recall an obviously gay priest from my childhood who sissies liked to hang out with because he bought them burgers at McDonalds, and, in my Darwinian way, still believe that his dick and their mouths were meant for each other and that we are better for them not fathering children.

I hated the Catholic Church for humiliating my parents in the congregation by reporting our small donations as the poorest members in the congregation. My good friend, Big Ron, hates the church for nuns beating his mother for being left-handed. However, if we look at the triggers for our well-earned hatred it is collectivist control through a false, meritless hierarchy. The problem, in my eyes is not Christianity, not even its catholic form, but civilization and since civilization expanded to its greatest extent under Christian guidance, central to which is the eradication of nature and its replacement with gardens and cities and sown fields, then it is no surprised that the most decadent, most feminized, most obscene subsets of postmodern society are to be found in lands civilized by ruling Christian elites, which have all, with a remorselessness indicative of a crop grown from bad seed, degenerated to a level of deracinated, emasculated, perverted, atheistic moral squalor that leads one to draw an end-time conclusion.

That said, the best man and the three best women I know are all practicing Christians, belonging to small, young congregations. Although I could never be the worshipper of a God who demands submission, I know that some folks can be good Christians without being slaves to such manmade systems that seem to attach themselves to that Faith like rooted vines to a tree. In that spirit, I would suggest that only the destruction of the evil civilization that has spread as a Christian doppelganger can provide a world where any growing religion might avoid the contagion of forced collectivism. For instance, the rape of girls and the murder of a nun in Baltimore was facilitated by police involvement and the priest’s obscene triple role as holy man, secular principal and atheist [for their can be no other kind of…] psychiatrist!

A good study of civilization as a macro parasitic organism is found in McNeill’s Plagues and Peoples.

In the meantime, my suggestion for Christians of good faith is to preserve your religion by denying its connection to civilization, which means drawing away from the sacred debt and slavery extolled in Scripture and condoned [I suspect, spuriously] in Gospel. As any basic history on the origins of civilization reveals, as does the Old Testament in numerous passages, Civilization is created by the godless economic fact of surplus and consecrated by the functional worship of debt and mastery over slaves. If a congregation can divorce the fact that its members are God’s slaves [for they manifestly are, according to Scripture] from the blasphemous need to be the slave of an earthly person or system, than such abuses as Mister Saxon references may be avoided.

I explore this concept in the novel I co-authored with Erique Watson, Retrogenesis, and Mister Saxon is an editor and contributor to:

The Great Train Wreck of the West

RetroGenesis: And Morning Came: The Thanatos Trajectory

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Roberto DelpopoloSeptember 16, 2018 10:58 AM UTC

Every church is involved into this corruption. Let's watch it into a clear prospective of truth and let's remove the lies or the half truth that is so convenient to many pastors. There are pastors that take 300,000 dollars per person per month to heal them from drug addiction therefore is the catholic devil coming inside the house. They are no qualified doctors. It's crime and crime is certainly connected to pedophelia. One need to ask the self how the devil comes into the house and how to get rid of him. Mr. Pietro Capuano and the 12 apostoles show to everyone how their system works: The leader sleeps with many girls and those who go to church simply read the bibble and make no sins because the teacher say so. At this point the catholic devil is in control of a domain connected to Sacred Scripture. The problem starts with christian ministers that avoid confession of sexual sins to their congregation. While into the congregation the believers can confess the sin only to their half, it is not the same situation for the pastor. The pastor avoid confession and It becomes a lie, he teach the Gospel and start to lie, it's like a business owner that keeps for himself all of the girls. This catholic like behaviour connects to a mafia that in turn will start pedophelia networks. The believers that confess their sins to one another can be victims of external criticism against what the media call "immoral behaviour" when in fact it is simply normal behaviour. Believers stop their sins and they become a disturbing witch looking for morality and lies.
responds:September 16, 2018 12:15 PM UTC

Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Roberto.

One theory advanced by a mercenary captain, whose name I have forgotten, supposes that the priesthood of a religion, on one hand dispenses peace-of-mind to their flock and on the other embraces sin as a way of taking the devil into their own mind and keeping their flock free of his evil intentions, a sacrifice which ever fails as the devil within the priest demands that he feed spiritually upon the most innocent of his flock, thus the lamb as a salient symbol of the Christian worldview.
crackerMarch 21, 2018 10:32 AM UTC

All men are "turned off" by true Christianity, jonny, because of the requirements of true Christianity and a righteous and holy God. A true "Christian" seeks to be "Christ-like" in all of his life. No portion can be withheld, it requires, as Mr. Lafond described, total submission.But we hate that, we want to be in control and call the shots. A man that has not been regenerated by God will always rebel and reject true Christianity. There are many that embrace a man-made religion and corrupt institutions and create their own god but true Christianity submits to God as He is, not as we want him to be. And that is unpalatable to ALL men unless God does a work of grace in their life, to use a Christian phrase.
TruthRationalMarch 21, 2018 8:46 AM UTC

(((Saxon))) is is obviously a Christ-killing kike.
crackerMarch 21, 2018 7:27 AM UTC

Institutionalized religion that requires unwavering loyalty to the institution becomes a breeding ground for "leaders" that prey on those who would submit to the demands placed on them by those men. The demands manifest themselves in all of the forms of sin and wickedness that is known to all men; sexual, financial, the need to feel superior, etc.. The small autonomous local church, while not immune to the appearance of these predators, is better able to handle these men when its members are educated in scripture and are dedicated to Christ instead of an institution or "leader". But always remember, a man answers for HIS sin and his alone. Also, be glad that God is long suffering. We all deserve His justice because we all fall short of His requirements and break His laws. But rest assured, He will judge and mete out that which we each deserve, it'll just be on His timetable, not ours.
responds:March 21, 2018 10:00 AM UTC

I have come to believe that this is the only way to maintain Christianity as a positive force. Just look at the 12 major U.S. religions [1 Judaism and 11 claiming to be Christian] that are currently battling over federal money for resettling Islamic people in formerly Christian locales.
crackerMarch 20, 2018 5:33 PM UTC

You seek to tar with a mighty broad brush, jonny.Why should any Christian be asked to explain or justify the actions of another? Christianity doesn't teach nor condone pedophilia; they have no excuse and none can be made for them. These so-called "leaders" are merely exalted men and exalted by other men, by and large. none of these men are my "leader". I have only one leader, Jesus Christ. I will defend Him if you make charges against His name or character, but these men; no. Their sins are their own and they will answer to God, as will you and ALL men unless they are in Christ.
BobMarch 20, 2018 12:25 AM UTC

Atheists are irrelevant. To the extent that parents influence children, be it through genetic affinity or the inculcation of beliefs, non-believers' relatively low birthrates destine their ideas to oblivion.

The religious (fundamentalists, primarily, irrespective of the creed) are more fecund, and to them goes the Earth, unpalatable though that reality be to the agnostic or atheist.
Jeremy BenthamMarch 18, 2018 3:14 PM UTC

P.S. We should also keep in mind that heterosexual pedophilia is more common in third world cultures than in the West. In fact in those societies it is considered a 'feature rather than a bug', meaning that it is a normal and acceptable custom there for grown men to court teen-aged or even prepubescent girls. The idea of a legal 'age of consent' for sex and marriage being an alien concept in those cultures. For instance the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon Him), who Allah himself holds up as the exemplar for all the Faithful (Quran -Surah 33 Al-Ahzab [The Joint Forces], Verse 21), married his youngest wife Aisha when she was but six years old. However he refrained from consummating the marriage until she was nine (the strength and forbearance of that man that he could put it off for so long, eh?). So the practice of taking child brides is just something else we will have to accept and accustom ourselves to as more and more third world migrants are allowed to take their rightful place in our prosperous post-modern Western civilization. Anyway I must presume that the secular humanists and Globo-homo elites in Australia have a plan for integrating third world pedophiles (both heterosexual and homosexual) into their society, just as they have for normalizing the home-grown ones? Again, people shouldn't be persecuted for whom they love.
Jeremy BenthamMarch 18, 2018 12:35 PM UTC

“I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.” -Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900

“Be a sinner and sin strongly, but more strongly have faith and rejoice in Christ.” -Martin Luther, 1483-1546

“Why will you not admit that the universe is conscience intelligence since conscience intelligences are born from it?” - Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C.

Congratulations Mr. Saxon, you have succeeded in disproving the existence of God. Essentially you have used the same argument that the professor in my Philosophy 101 course at university presented to the class back in 1972. The professor stated that from a philosophical view point an all-good and all-powerful God cannot exist because such a God would be both willing and able to restrain pain and evil in the world, and since pain and evil DO exist in the world then such a God, the God of the Bible, cannot exist. Certainly an omnipotent and loving God would not allow a perversion like pedophilia to exist at all much less infiltrate his Holy Church. Certainly no just and caring human ruler would allow such malfeasance to plague his subjects. No, he would prescribe the most severe punishments for perpetrating such a heinous crime. Like the man said, if a punishment isn’t cruel and unusual it is seldom an effective deterrent. Which, of course, begs the question of what are the rulers of OZ doing about pedophiles? Now I understand we live in post-modern times where behaviors that were once considered to be wrong/abnormal are now considered perfectly normal and acceptable. Like adult homosexuality for instance. It was always the dirty little secret that there is a HUGE pedophile component to male homosexuality, much, much larger than male heterosexuality on the fringes, as the statistics from OZ amply illustrate. So is pedophilia really to be considered ‘wrong’ anymore? Our Globo-homo ruling elite does not think so. Clearly then we can expect to see pedophilia normalized within the life times of many of us reading this, just as homosexuality has been in all 21st Century Western societies. People can’t help who they love after all, can they? And isn’t the very idea of ‘God’ all about ‘love’? So there you go, we’ll just have to allow people to love who they want, if we don’t want to be called meanies and hypocrites that is. If you are going to kill a child molester for victimizing your own child you will have to do it in Texas: Of course Texas is well known and feared for being full of atavistic Christians with primitive and archaic notions of morality and criminal justice. Speaking of atavistic Christians, you will still have your work cut out for you Mr. Saxon, since in spite of all the reasoned arguments that have been around for years disproving the existence of a Deity, a great many people still find great comfort in believing in a Creator. Even undermining, besmirching and discrediting the organized Christian churches has not shaken their faith in God Almighty. They keep searching for him. Imagine that? It’s like Martin Luther said, “Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.”
KoanicMarch 18, 2018 9:04 AM UTC

Thanks James. When I referred to "the institutes of Judges Israel," I meant the period during which Israel was ruled by Judges, between Moses and Saul, not necessarily the book of Judges. Most of the institutional setup is described in the books of the law.

I don't know enough to say whether an e.g. managed forest could be a militarily competitive land use, but I'd like to think it's optimal for some terrain types. Anyhow with wildlife regrowth every 7 years the terrain would not become completely neutered as it is today in developed Western countries.

You might look into Rushdooney's 3 part "Institutes of Biblical Law", part of the Christian theonomic movement.
responds:March 18, 2018 9:42 AM UTC

Thanks for the sourcing.
Sam J.March 18, 2018 1:02 AM UTC

The Catharist rightly noting that the old testament was the rantings of of Satan's demons. The Jesuits were put together to murder the Catharist, which they did.

I've heard tell many times that young Men who are religious, but homosexual, often join the priesthood thinking it will cure them doesn't.
KoanicMarch 17, 2018 1:01 AM UTC

"Christian guidance, central to which is the eradication of nature and its replacement with gardens and cities and sown fields,"

Not true. The institutes of Judges Israel prescribe that land be tied to bloodlines, and given its Sabbath rests. Under such a system, one can imagine that much wildlife would be preserved, by those men who wish to live in it, and are able to defend it.
responds:March 17, 2018 10:40 AM UTC

Thanks for the comment. I will reread Judges for the 13th Tribe project. So far it seems that New Englanders related to wilderness areas primarily according to Genesis and through a sedentary filter. There is no doubt in my mind that scriptural thinkers can arrive at pro-nature perspectives as you suggest. I am reviewing an intelligent design Christian documentary soon and will utilize this in the discussion.
BobMarch 17, 2018 12:19 AM UTC

Acknowledging the existence of, and subjecting pederasts within the Catholic church to criminal trial is necessary and welcome.

It must be said the relatively less interest shown by authorities and media in child abuse in Jewish religious orders and Muslim ones is telling. There's a double standard at play here. Mr. Saxon, as a lawyer, probably decided that discretion was the better part of valor.
BobMarch 17, 2018 12:04 AM UTC

I'm no Catholic apologist, but according to journalist Maurizio Blondet, Pope Benedict XVI's attempt to purge the Church of its entrenched lavender mafia was thwarted by an effective blockade of Vatican finances (denial of access to SWIFT). His "resignation" was extraordinary per se, and the letter which bore it had elemental Latin errors, when academic sloppiness was never characteristic of Ratzinger. He resigns and the freezing of finances is lifted straight afterwards. Hmmm...
PRMarch 16, 2018 10:21 PM UTC

The most important difference between Protestants and Catholics is the doctrine of justification: how you become right with God. There is really no grace in Catholicism. It's all guilt and bad news (do this and you will be saved).

Boz Tchividjian should use data to prove his claims. According to Barna and Lifeway polls, the evangelical church is not really Christian in the sense it's been historically understood, so I can believe what he's saying if he brings data to prove it. In fact, his brother Tullian was defrocked by his presbytery for having an adulterous relationship with a woman in his congregation. So sexual sin strikes particularly close to home for him.
SeanMarch 16, 2018 4:25 PM UTC

One very important distinction many people miss in their lust to bash Christianity:

Say it with me.....Catholics are not Christians. One more time.....Catholics are not Christians.

Very Good.
responds:March 16, 2018 5:32 PM UTC

When my Christian friends told me I wasn't going to a Christian church I believed the. After all, they actually read the bible, often. I'm the only catholic-raised person I know who has read the bible.