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Perplexity for the Devil
Reflections on Speaking with the Men of Fatherland With Podcast Link


I just posted our stick fighting episode in the last hour. Fatherland posted yesterday. It's getting good comments on their site.


Last night I spoke with five fine young men, four of whom were on camera. The fifth, and leader, Jim Vicar was available only by voice. He had, in our extended conversation, a lot of sympathy for the plight of brutalized black children I related to him. All of these men have the accurate perception that black Americans have been conditioned to prey upon humans in the civil setting and that white folks trying to raise families cannot do so in safety without removing themselves from areas populated by blacks. These men have seen through the curtain of America’s foundational lie of African American martyrdom inflicted upon them by Baby Boomer parents.

So, upon realizing that I have lived, worked and trained voluntarily with blacks and hold no animosity toward them as a race, I saw scrunched brows of perplexity framing their faces as large brains searched for questions and this damaged brain failed to supply good answers.

Here it goes:

As a boy I was beaten and tortured dozens of times by a half dozen older white boys and youths, never by a black, only for the fact that I had concourse with only one black human being, Walt, the school janitor, the only man in Baltimore willing to teach me how to fight. Later, as a teen in all white Washington PA, I was hated and ostracized by my peers for being weird—and yes, weird I am. The way in which I was the weirdest, was my refusal to engage in the American Religion: drug use. Only I, Randy and Dale [who became my only friends] did not use drugs of all of the class of 1981 in the entire County of Washington PA.

When I moved to Baltimore I found myself threatened in equal measure by whites and blacks for being a lone white pedestrian in a city were whites drove and blacks walked. I also found that Randy and Dale did not have counterparts in Baltimore. My desire to not associate with drug addicts and partyers led me to strike up training and workplace friendships with some of the tiny minority of blacks who declined to associate with other blacks, primarily because they did not desire the company of stoners, fiends, crackheads, drunks, dopers, pill-poppers or potheads.

Over the years, as my black friends warned me, I continued evermore alienated from my race even as blacks increasingly targeted me for predation. My clear view of racial dynamics and aggression had led me to be labeled a racist by the greater society, even as the tiny minority of race realists who see the social beast for what it is must suspect me of being a race traitor. In deed skinheads tried to have me killed at least once, for hiring black employees. I am racially alienated in the extreme. White identarians must be leery of a man who has lived and strived side-by-side with the population of mostly witless humans who have been born, bred and indoctrinated to drive whites from their homes.

So, when I discuss my rage at white youths threatening me in my decline and shrug off attempts on my life by black thugs as understandable social dynamics, I felt Coach’s pain when I saw perplexity writ deep in his face. I also understand that the good black men I’ve known are the best of their kind and not often replicated.

However, as a marginal creature, pushed to the fringe of my own kind and taking black folks at their word when they loudly—and aside from the few true heroes among them—proclaim their lack of agency, their societal victimhood, I fault Tyrone and Jamal for attacking me no more than I fault the pit bull that attacked me 10 months ago. I won’t honor a creature without agency by vesting him with the power of rational intent.

In my view, in this denatured society, the few aware men of any race have but two missions and they rightly belong to the inner and outer personalities of their type.

The man who is strongly identified with his race needs to work on building, protecting and insulating his people. But to do so he needs intelligence regarding the potential threats and allies among the competing groups who would quite naturally and RIGHTLY, take what is his if he is weak enough to permit it. Why ally with a weakling who deserves to fall under your power or be swept aside?

His less numerous counterpart, the alienated outlier, who nevertheless suffers under no delusion that there is some benign brotherhood of man, serves a necessary intelligence gathering, advisory and diplomacy function. It was for this reason that enemy tribes in bygone eras encouraged certain individuals to follow the interloping path of the taboo man, so that there people would not stumble blindly into extinction.

I’m either a feral paleface or a white devil depending on your nature and have lived my life according to the truth that the mind of every man is against me in service to their unseen masters, adopting the practical course of only honoring those who aid me as allies and those who act and plot against me as enemies. The rest are just meat.

Obviously unsuited for leadership and fey to throw in my lot with any race who has supplied so many attackers against my person as have the whites and blacks of this decadent nation, I simply offer myself as an advisor to those who care enough about humanity to be MEN.

The only part of being labeled as white which I have wholeheartedly bought into is that I am a cold-eyed, ivory devil in this obscene blunderland of feral, ebony angels. To the extent of which that might be of use to you, I’m at you service.

Thanks guys.

James LaFond, 3/17/18

PS: I’m sorry for muddily mispronouncing Mister O’s name.

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Sam J.March 24, 2018 8:02 PM UTC

You know your whole vision is skewed by the Whites in Baltimore as every White I know did not use drugs. If you had been raised in places where the Whites were that left Baltimore you might have a different opinion of Whites.

As for Blacks I'm from an area with a LOT of Blacks and while I've hung around with them when younger the ratio of good to bad is just too low. I'm fully aware that plenty of them are fine people. I can just as easily hang around with Whites and have a much, much, lower chance of misfortune and besides they're not my people. They and I know this. There's just not a a big percentage in hanging around Blacks.
responds:March 25, 2018 1:17 AM UTC

When I lived in Washington Pennsylvania from 1976-80, only myself and 2 other boys who attended the single county high school, did not get high.

I lost all my friends to drugs in Wash PA and found no straight people in Baltimore until I started coaching.
Utter ContemptMarch 20, 2018 1:21 AM UTC

I'm an outlier, loner, half-breed non-joiner and I wouldn't have it any other way. The alt-right is crawling with opportunists and agents provocateurs, and like any mass movement, it's deleterious to the very sense of community it wishes to foster, and to the courage that can only be borne of feeling totally alone. There's a Hebrew aphorism: "He who understands will understand."
responds:March 21, 2018 2:13 PM UTC

I agree, as a similar type of soul.

the danger we face in the current order is that society is trying to make all of us a loner, which means forcing folks unsuited for it into the role, I suspect, in order to foster a childlike attachment to government.
BobMarch 18, 2018 7:35 PM UTC

I'm not sure the link previously provided by Mr. La Fond was right; this is:
responds:March 19, 2018 7:04 PM UTC

To be sure, it as the wrong link!

Thanks Mister Bob!
BobMarch 17, 2018 7:55 PM UTC

White/black self-consciousness is an unnatural consequence of governments' forced integration along racial (sexual, too) lines. Exceptions conceded, birds of a feather do flock together, and not because they learned it.
AnonymousMarch 17, 2018 7:24 PM UTC

Well said, though I think black criminals deserve no special dispensation on account of social programming or social dynamics. A criminal is a criminal and cutting the black criminal slack insults the law-abiding one. The moral choice is always individualistic, even though the overlords would like to slander with group-crime those demographics they most hate and fear.
responds:March 18, 2018 1:51 PM UTC

I only cut the black criminal slack I my mind. He gets the same thing from me as any other criminal. However, I cannot bring myself t hate a mere animal with no mind of his own. I hate his anonymous, faceless masters. But the young man of my own race who declines to fight back against his black overseer and instead decides to vent his rage on me—he has earned my hatred for cowardice and traitordom but most importantly, for submitting to the ebony savage set above him by our sick society. The paleface youth who attacks an old injured paleface just for kicks is the slave, of a slave, of a slave of a slave.

I will dispatch the negro without emotion, but will revel in the destruction of those of my own blood who have been turned against me. This is no choice I make but a feeling of red rage that engulfs me every time some pack of white sissies, just done sucking a black coke for their dope, decide to have sport with some old, small, injured man of their own kind.