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The Secret History of the CIA by Joseph J. Trento

Reading from the 2004 edition with a new introduction by the author, MJF Books, NY, 543 pages

I make it my habit to use as bookmarks the photos of beautiful night-tressed women so that the images serve to beckon my return and hasten the looming blindness. However, for three weeks, after hitting the first 98 pages, I was so disgusted with the subject of this boo that I set it aside. But then I thought yesterday, “I cannot leave that pretty image in that dreadful book” and rescued her photo from its toxic clasp. If you have a strong stomach read Joseph J. Trento’s book. If you don’t pray for God to smite them all.

Oddly enough, the history of the CIA begins in the Soviet Union, with two Soviet fiends of inhuman mind, master manipulators. One of them Beria, infiltrates and compromises the National Socialist German security apparatus during WWII to such a degree, that 200,000 White Russians are held out of combat by the Germans due solely to the suspicions he implants in Hitler’s relatively childlike mind. He does this through the tool known as Sasha, and then by other names, a man destined to dupe the as yet unborn abomination known as the CIA before its monstrous birth. Before 1945 it is clear that the Deep State is in place to puppet master the morally gutted governments that shall sprout from the war that ended any hope for human decency to come.

Trento, who would surely disagree with my views, worshipper of WWII narrative as he is, does have impeccable sources, in the form of the two men most instrumental in founding the CIA, who both left him their personal files after sitting for extensive chain-smoking, whiskey-lubricated interviews towards the end of their empty lives. These modern mundane Nazgul broke themselves into a soulless tool and then used the mask that had replaced their morality and dignity to effect the erasure of conscience and eventually break and cast aside the mask that had become of those former humans under their influence.

The childlike innocence of the vaunted Nazi party, of various American presidents, is truly shocking when cast in relief against these cruel fiends who seized a reeling world by the brainstem and turned it into a witch’s oven of toxic Gollums. Clearly, the only thing U.S. intelligence agencies excelled at was duping, killing and ruining U.S. politicians, military men and citizens. Below are some telling quotes from this revealing look into the soulless heart of our State apparatus:

“The pattern to bury mistakes began again right after 9/11 when Vice President Dick Cheney visited Senator Bob Graham and asked him not to undertake a 9/11 investigation because it would be a distraction from the war on terrorism.”

“He [an FBI agent] was told not to follow-up any leads connecting suspects in the attacks with Saudi officials, or with bin Laden family members living in the United States…”

“Because when you are chasing street criminals, thieves and robbers they are more likely to tell the truth than the people at the CIA or even my bosses at the FBI.”

The key characters in this story are Beria and Orlov, the Soviet mastermind and mole, Dulles and Harvey and George Weisz—one and all evil men to the core. The other players are generally witless politicians, crushed common souls and more evil mind-breaking fiends of the CIA and the various enemy and allied agencies that actually conspired to have it founded. The fiends generally die deservedly slow deaths as the gargantuan betrayal of the United States of America [admittedly a crass fiction] that is the CIA sprouts hideous appendages of its own with only one overall purpose, maintaining a constant state of global warfare backed by the world’s largest economy.

Every head of state to defy them has fallen to their plots.

Every person who “supports our troops,” supports their diabolical deeds.

The favorite agents of all of these intelligence agencies were the same, the most atomized and naturally disloyal multinationals and homosexuals, with some agents employed simultaneously by the KBG, CIA and MOSSAD. Every page of the Secret History of the CIA drips with duplicity, dishonor, dysgenics, degeneracy and most of all THE SACRAL LIE, all in service to “patriotism” and we wonder where we might have gone wrong as a society?

However, within this abominable tale of another fall of humanity into the ever waiting abyss, is much high comedy. The fact that the CIA was massively infiltrated before its inception is hilarious in all of its idiot detail. Arrogant Americans and their unique brand of naïve hubris paint a sinister smile on the reader’s face as he cannot fail but root for the most adept players in this contest of devils. With not a single honest soul on the line, why hope for any success on the part of the inept?

The aids of American presidents, assistant secretaries to major departments such as the Treasury, were all positions occupied by Soviet agents.

Even the clown show that was the Hoover FBI infiltrated the CIA before its formation!

The good thing about reading The Secret History of the CIA is that you get to enjoy the destruction of so many inhumane fiends. But then you realize that they were replaced by more competent, more evil fiends and understand that they stand invisibly upon your neck.

I particularly liked pages 351-9 concerning the scumbag agents Shakley and Colby and the fact that every agent but one in Saigon spent so much time bargaining for sexual favors from Vietnamese women that it was “appall[ing]”.

Through WWII, Vietnam and down to the end of the Cold War, Trento documents the disintegration of the creature who began life as the human being sir-named Wiesz and ended as a snuffed cipher in a parked car in Maryland, as well as the eventual evaporation of his fiendish handlers and enemies, bringing the reader to the brink of the CIA’s finest hour on 9/11/2001, closing his tale with the arrest of 25-year FBI veteran Robert Hanssen, in 2/18/2001.

“The idea that a Russian agent in the FBI went to the same church as the director of the FBI must have been especially humorous to Hanssen’s SVR controller, since he was probably another FBI or CIA official.”

In the Land of Sacred Greed, what surprise is it that our chief liars lie for others as well and attend our most holy institutions?

J.R.R. Tolkien tried and failed to create in his unseen Dark Lord and soulless ring wraiths, a sketch of ultimate evil. However, where a master of literature failed in fiction, various rejected law officers, sub-par military men, capitalist patriots and communist thugs succeeded in creating a beast with thousands of heads and venomous tails to lure humanity ever deeper into darkness.

The single strongest argument for the moral superiority of barbarity over civilized life, is the fact that no civilization rises without developing such a deep dependence on The Lie that an entire society of untruth must be formed to support the foundational lie of the state structure.

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ShepMarch 20, 2018 6:36 PM UTC
JoeFourMarch 19, 2018 5:48 PM UTC

There's evil and then there's pure, refined, unadulterated evil. The CIA is the latter ... but just one of the many Deep State "intelligence agency" monsters of the Legions that serve Satan, their true and only master.
responds:March 21, 2018 2:30 PM UTC

Joe, I wanted to puke halfway through this book.

Glad I read it, however.