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Sick Sick SICK Stickfighting Stories
Crackpot Podcast 29

Listening to these stories made me queasy in my tummy. This episode was a special request in response to James' appearance on Myth of the 20th Century, discussing Rodney King's baton beating and the subsequent LA Riots. The YouTube video is a slideshow of injuries inflicted by and upon James LaFond. We talk wall to wall carnage here, so I am sure you psychos will love it.

The Crackpot Podcast features lunatic James LaFond and podcasting motherslave Lynn Lockhart.

0:00:50 Myth20 on LA Riots, subduing with a stick

0:04:00 Charles and James hitting the bag, inside stroke to the side of the head

0:06:15 Video of European police with batons

0:07:02 Choking with the stick, other targets

0:11:05 The skull is the can

0:12:50 Pool cues, batons, sticks, clubs

0:14:15 A better way to take out a big guy

0:15:40 Pics, Modern Agonistics, Winter of a Fighting Life

0:15:58 The thigh, Drunken Agon

0:24:50 Pictures of James' bruised and battered torso

0:29:10 Huge elbow bruise

0:32:30 Biceps bruise by Chuck with wakasashi & shoulder bruise (with hoodrat bandana)

0:34:30 Aryas

0:39:55 Thumb and ankle pics

0:41:10 Chesapeake, VA

0:47:40 Weapons craft

0:53:15 James' favorite weapon

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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