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Bart Maney Has Amped Up The TabboYou Facebook Page

Wow, thanks, Bart!

I just tuned into the tabooyou facebook page to see if I lost any likes and, Lo and take hold, we went from 106 to 113 in the three days since the fatherland podcast aired.

Most importantly, Bart, who reposts articles from this site over on the facebook page, has begun adding graphics.

Bart, this is why I decided you would be my Vice Dictator.

See Bart's portrait at the link below:

I particularly like that Bart focuses on the masculinity articles and that he has kept the Hero King post, which is probably the article I feel best about writing over the past year, up at the top of the site.

Also, the choice of graphics is just better than anything I would come up with. The Hero King graphic is totally down to earth and the What Women Want post, well—good job son!

Be sure to check out the suggested links and authors section. Bart has got a deep eclectic taste and is helping keep us appraised of the new and little known dissident writers on the masculine horizon.

If you are looking for a selection of my best work from different years focusing on the content of the masculine character, I think using Bart as a guide at the tabooyou facebook page will be a better idea than ploughing through the chronological blogspot listings or the subject-organized main site.

Thanks, Bart.

PS: Bart, it has been suggested, that with the large volume of work that has been published between the main site and the blog spot, that I should have a selected writings book as an introduction to crackpotology. Hopefully you would be willing to make the selections, because I like your taste better than mine, and besides, you are actually alive and not an extraterrestrial organism. So your selection might sell to these creatures.

Books For Sale by James LaFond

The Complete Catalog by Lynn Lockhart

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