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Plantation America Project 1
Patreon Posts for March, April & May of 2018

All Patreon posts are now exclusive to the patrons funding the research for as little as $1 per month. I will only charge for the last post of the month.

March Posts

‘The Land Promised to the Saints’: First Explorers to America, 534 words

An Ill Wind: Notes on Disease in Plantation America, 1301 words

Progress Report: A Letter to Patrons, 405 words

‘Boy & Girls’: A Suppositional Anatomy of the Slave Mind, 1268 words

The Hanger: Sold: Chapter 2, 951 words

April Posts

Settling a Frontier: Notes from a Postmodern Israelite, 566 words

15 Girls: A Tale of Slavery Today, 763 words

The Dark and Bloody Ground: Strife on a Forgotten Frontier [started]

The Footman: Sold: Chapter 3 [outlined]

May Posts

Scum & Rum: 17th Century Slave Revolts [annotated]

Shackle & Gun: 18th Century Slave Revolts [annotated]

Fire & Poison: 19th Century Slave Revolts [annotated]

A Potters Field: Mass Grave Video [planned for April 8 shoot]

The Coachman: Sold: Chapter 4 [outlined]

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