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Man Bites Dog
Teutonic Fist on the Postmodern Canine Plague
Man bites.
Its a sign of an ingrown culture when there are more pets then kids around and then these pets grow feral and run amok. And especialy Canine creatures inflict a heavy toll on your social life either as surrogate children for mentaly retarded adults, or as wild pack animals. We lose the lands we took from wild beasts because the people we did it for just give it away again to the degenerate inbred descendants of these wild beasts. In south and eastern europe there are still roaming packs of wild dogs that from time to time kill your occasional child or even lonely bar patron going home at night. Usualy happens in Romania or Ukraine.
In the more affluent parts of Europe they have these dog rescue projects where mostly women waste the resources of their civilization on stray animals instead of their own offspring. Its perverse. And almost as pathetic as the fact that these wild packs of pups just get hunted sporadically by the locals. Usualy the south- and eastern europoors are too lazy to do it and they constantly lack initiative. Sometimes they shot shotguns at them, but a shotgun is not a good weapon to hunt dogs with. The only places where dog hunting is institutionalized are in the Germanic Anglosphere.
You don't even need guns for doing it, you could just gather a few lads and give them baseball bats to track down a pack like they did in old times. Cause wolfs were hunted with clubs not with spears. Also it was often a rite of passage for the local youths.
What was common in germany to hunt wolfs and feral dogs with traps. One of them the Wolfsangel, a symbol you see sometimes in right wing circles cause it looks like a Rune, but its a tool. Its a fishing hook for wolfs. Put rotten meat on it and the canine will swallow it and die a realy shitty death cause it had it coming.
A cruel method to hunt canines, but when youre a farmer who sees his livestock getting mangled by wolfs you don't give a fuck about &dhbg;cruel&dhbg;. Also, canines are surplus killers, which means if they have the opportunity they kill as much prey animals as they can because they still can eat the carcass later. Thats why Dogs bury bones. So if feral dogs get into a sheep pen, the sheep are done for.
Either way, i would still prefer the hunt with traps. Against feral canines in the city, even glas shards do the trick. Just grind down some glas in a piece of cloth and then soak it in something stick with salt or better rat poison. Because that means the bleeding wound will not clot and if the animal licks it, it takes in the poison.
PS: If you seriously wanna use a sword against dogs, rather use a Falchion, or &dhbg;Hunting Sword&dhbg;, or a sabre. Its because it has a curved blade that is ment to swipe and because of the shape and nature of movement of the canine.
Hunting swords look a bit like Machetes, but Machetes usualy lack the stabbing tip.
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the woodsmanMarch 26, 2018 1:44 PM UTC


You might find my run-ins with wild dogs here in eastern Iowa interesting. They mostly occurred on my family's farm that lies along the Maquoketa River. There was a large wild dog pack that persisted over many years in that area. I think they started out as feral but am pretty sure that they turned completely wild as I saw pups that were born in the wild.

1. I was treed by the wild dog pack many times when I was a kid (8-16 yrs) while I was out mushroom hunting in the spring and checking fence at other times. Always an exciting occurrence!

2. I've witnessed the dog pack pin a cow and here calf down and kill the calf. I yelled and threw sticks but it didn't stop them (I did not have a firearm on me). I was a kid and really wasn't able to stop it. Thankful they did not turn on me!

3. Bow hunting for wild dogs is best! There is no sound that scares the pack away like a gun. I called the pack in before while in a tree stand with a bow. I shot five of them from there as they barked at me in the tree. Shot them straight down. Like shooting fish in a barrel. They were so aggressive the whole pack circled the tree, tried running up the tree and bayed like they had treed me. As I shot them the other dogs acted confused and kept running around the tree. The silent bow/arrow did not scare them away like a firearm. Highly recommended experience!

4. I was group deer hunting with four other people in early December and we were walking down the lane with our shotguns (slugs for deer loaded). The pack ran straight at us to attack us! It was like a canine suicide run! We leveled them! Only thing I figure is that they were really hungry.

5. A neighboring farmer that I occasionally worked for had a fenced lean-to with about 40-50 sheep penned up in it. I went with him to feed the sheep one day and the dogs had attacked them. All sheep were dead. It was really a sight to see. The sheep were all in a big pile with some chewed up carcasses on the periphery. Most of the sheep had died from suffocation in the pile! They just piled up on top of each other when the dogs attacked. Heck of a sight. I think a group of humans would do the same thing in the right circumstances. We set a bunch of traps for the dogs around the sheep pile but they never came back. They did it out of pure sport or malice.

After all this that pack is gone now. Haven't seen a wild dog pack in a long time. There are two labs that are skulking around our farm now. They are not friendly and run away when we approach. Probably feral. My young son always carries his new .22 rifle now hoping for an adventure! I'm sure my stories are in his mind. I wished him luck in killing those dogs. Ah, the circle of life continues despite clownworld! I just told him not to tell any of his teachers or friends once he bags his quarry - it will be for us only. He'd probably get kicked out of elementary school!

Best regards.
responds:March 26, 2018 2:25 PM UTC

Woodsman, thank you for this. I will be posting it as an article this week.

I will be out in Utah and Wyoming in August. If you'd like to meet up please email me at
BobMarch 26, 2018 2:48 AM UTC

Great videos and falchion. Thanks.