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‘If Rocket Man Nuked South Korea’
News for Elders and Crackpots

PS Here is a great article on the reality of martial law.


Time they are A’changin’

On the surface, this is kinda laughable – wealthy 70-year-old men with – shall we say – “limited” hand-to-hand experience are making manly threats and responses. But doesn’t it seem that something has shifted in the zeitgeist, and people are becoming more receptive to the idea of the tribal leader being the big bull of the herd who can take on all comers? Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

Although if we start settling things internationally via trial by combat, Russia will be out to an early lead. Putin may be a welterweight, but he’s a legitimate high-ranking black belt who has literally “written the book” on judo.

Plus, as a career KGB agent and the son of a guy who served in NKVD “destruction battalions” in WW2, he’d be the guy to bet on off the mat, as well.


Yeah brother, I'm getting about half my traffic from your site now—thanks again man!


Just put another one up—me arguing guns with that rarest of creatures, a progressive with some sense:

Here's something I bet you'll like—a segment of the American working class that I've been really interested in for a long time: Gandy dancers.

Keeping American steam-age logistics running: the blacks and the fookin' irish. Picture that!

-Carbon Mike

I assume that the rest of Baltimore PD is equally bad, just happen not to have been caught yet. Interesting that Suiter was 1) selling dope, 2) shot with his own weapon.


"One of the most unpleasant realities of human existence is-and always has been-that sometimes you find yourself in a position where you need to physically protect yourself. The other unpleasant, and unavoidable fact is that, in many circumstances, violence is the most effective way of doing this."

Here's a link to an excerpt:

And a longer excerpt and interview:

If interested, I'll pass this book along.



The real reason why there is no middle class.

-Hard Camille

I took a photo of this ad in a magazine—some liberal magazine—at the doctor’s office. Look at this. It’s supposed to be about the American Experience in World War One and the feature is the strong white woman in the middle and the proud negro soldier at the top, while you have this sorry little white boy at the bottom. Hell, the blacks and women did all most nothing in World War One, it was just white guys killing each other except for some colonial troops. There’s your Big Lie right there, the new version.

Thank God for colored warriors and war wenches or we would have never won that one.

Take care.

-Big Ron

It being so hard to find a good man, the seeding finger might be an option for those preferring a quieter partner. Tell me again why we would care if Rocket Man nuked South Korea.

Sent...Troy Trifle

You Move pretty good for an old guy—saw the Drunken Agon


When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

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