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Education or Assimilation
Notes on Home Schooling by Lynn Lockhart

The topic of homeschooling has been coming up a lot around here. James covered it in a short interview with a traveling YouTube journalist and on the Fatherland Podcast. My kids are just under school age and we have done some pre-schooling work and will begin a formal homeschooling program this autumn...

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PRMarch 25, 2018 4:27 PM UTC

Can you double-check this on the blogspot page, for me?
Mescaline FranklinMarch 24, 2018 11:01 PM UTC

This was a great resource Lynn! Thanks!
PRMarch 24, 2018 2:55 PM UTC

I posted this comment over there but it didn't appear. Perhaps all comments are moderated?


My wife and I have seriously considered this. Much depends on the temperament of your wife and children and the desire of the wife to do it. For now, my kids are in public school where we've found most of the socialization to be bad since parents don't give their children any moral instruction. We intend to negotiate rates with the local Christian school. Failing that, or even in spite of successful negotiation, we're planning to move to another state.

Longitudinal studies show that homeschooled children are better at reading and worse at math, on average. For math, you can check out Barbara Oakley's book on developing a mind for numbers. Really, children can teach themselves math if they're willing to read the book and learn from examples. Men are just naturally better at it and consequently most mathematicians have been men. Many local Christian schools also have a PSP (private satellite somethingrather) where they provide the curriculum and handle your paperwork.

Choice of school method in this day and age is not an easy decision, but alternatives need to rapidly be found because the state system is collapsing. According to the department of education, your child has a 10% chance of being a victim of sexual misconduct by someone who works at the school. The school quality roughly tracks with the quality of the children which depends on the quality of the parents. Even in areas with "good schools" due to smart parents, parenting is almost nonexistent. The state of California is also siphoning-off most of the money for education into the insolvent CalSTS pension fund. You can read more about this on California Policy Center or Pension Tsunami. God bless.
responds:March 25, 2018 1:18 AM UTC

Those comments are controlled by google as far as I know.

these comments are moderated by my dumb ass.
SeanMarch 24, 2018 12:47 PM UTC

Huzzah! James and I spoke about this when he was up for my fight. It is of the utmost importance for families to home school these days.