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Shank Side
East Baltimore is Catching up to the Westside in the Old Way

I’m actually surprised that there are any negroes left to kill in Baltimore after the past three years. Of course, as winter lingers and the body count creeps up to a mere 54 bodies in the first 85 days, the dead seem to be aging at an alarming rate. Scrolling down to the most recent killings at the link below and you will see a man named Charles Wiggens who was recently killed in my old neighborhood at 60 years old. The age of most of these men is at least 30, pointing to a higher level of predation, more criminal on civilian, more young on old bloodletting and gut-getting. As is normal, stabbings crop up on the Eastside earlier and more often than on the Westside.

Another item is the recent abandonment of the race unknown category abused so much under the last Police Commissioner. With a new, aggressive black commissioner, focused on combating primarily police crime, this is not a surprise and also indicates that this was an internal police juking scam, not something encouraged by the mayor’s office.

Of our first 54 murderbags we have:

49 shootings

1 beating death

2 stabbings

1 suffocation

1 unknown

Making the vast majority of killings committed in the least risky and coldest-blooded way.

The predator-prey profile is overwhelmingly black on black at 43, with 10 mystery meat [misidentified under the last police chief] and 1 black on white killing.

When the warmth of spring comes expect to hit 100 killings by June, with the dawg dayz of summa accounting for another 80—less yo don’ got no nigga ta spare.

In the meantime, shootings in Middle River and Essex in East Baltimore County are at record highs, but remain well-suppressed by the Baltimore County Police and the complicit NEWS Enforcement agencies. That rising tide of aggression should go relatively unnoticed as Baltimore County homeowners post for sale signs at all-time highs and the criminal ranks continue to swell under Federal Housing initiatives aimed at clearing Baltimore City of criminals as that dream of absolute gentrification blooms once again in the minds of our unseen masters.

The one saving grace, in my mind, is this, that there are still five killers in Baltimore passionate enough about their social function to get the deed done with their hands on their prey. As long as the worst among us still count some humans in their ranks there is some hope for humanity.

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