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Robert E. Howard’s Picts?
British Neanderthals - Where we get our looks by Survive the Jive

Researching Dream Eater means I have to read and listen to everything I can on Neanderthal research.

More likely to be a smoker if you have more Neanderthal genes?

Well, maybe Old Ass Johnson was right when he said I had blue eyes because my “cave boy” ancestors spent so much time in caves burning mammoth bones…

CARTA: DNA–Neandertal and Denisovan Genomes; Neandertal Genes in Humans; Neandertal Interbreeding

“…all non-Africans…” have trace Neanderthal DNA. This simple statement, along with the fact that Europeans diverged from Africans “about 80,000 years ago,” at The Bottleneck Event, when modern human ancestors suffered greatly in the wake of the Toba Super Eruption, tells us that we’ve been lied to quite a bit about all humans being the same.

The findings of a “gene desert” in the section were an important language gene resides does support archaeological findings suggested a low vocal range among Neanderthals, which would go some way towards explaining how modern humans displaced a species with significantly larger brains and four times the muscular strength, as communication is a huge factor in hunting and war.

Tibetans inherited a high altitude gene from Denisovians.

A number of genes important to skin pigmentation in Europeans were inherited from Neanderthals.

There were multiple “pulses” of genetic admixture and the process was very complex. Additionally the archaic groups had regular interbreeding.

Some negative traits suggested by one study include: blood clotting, urinary tract symptoms, protein calorie malnutrition and a propensity to tobacco addiction [probably related to circadian regulation]. Depression and obesity are also related traits.

Overall it seems that skin and immune systems were most highly effective.

Finally, the interbreeding seems to have centered at around 50,000 YBP, bracketed by the 80,000 YBP beginning of contact and roughly 20,000 YBP dead end of the Neanderthal race.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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ShepMarch 31, 2018 2:49 AM UTC

I always thought that Nikolai Valuev

Brock Lesnar—sable-brock-lesnar.jpg

and Alexander Karelin

had some Neanderthal stud going on. Not only skull and facial structure, but also unusually big bones, strong tendons, and a LOT of functional muscle mass.
responds:March 31, 2018 4:44 PM UTC


Will put these links in the next Pict article.
Lynn LockhartMarch 30, 2018 7:13 PM UTC

Sam J: Neanderthals are not a Jewish conspiracy. Please become acquainted with Greg Cochran and his blog at Westhunt dot wordpress dot com.

James: A complicating factor is the selection pressures on each group. Beneficial genes will spread rapidly through a group, even with a very small amount of admixture. Harmful genes are quickly removed. Genes with mixed effects remain according to the balance of harm and benefit. Neutral genes linger. This has a lot of implications, I will write to you later.
Sam J.March 30, 2018 2:36 AM UTC

One of the major researchers on this this claims Europeans have Neanderthal in them is Jewish and I don't trust him. Jews lie constantly about intelligence, brain sizes, anthropology. etc. They've been caught doing so repeatedly. He says that all these groups that he throws together, Europeans, Chinese, Middle Easterners all have an "average" of 5% or so Neanderthal. Well what if the Jews have 50% and the Europeans 0.1%? It could still average to 5%. What if they're Neanderthals?

Interesting picture of Kissinger.

Carly Simon

Here’s another site with Eric Hufschmid’s pages on Neanderthal looking people. Start with page #1.(I don't trust Hufschmid but he has nice pictures).

Notice a lot of these people are Jews.

Now here's a off the wall whack theory about this. They have more Neanderthal in them.

There has been several articles written about this.

A guy who worked on this, though not really noticing that they were Jewish until later as he's half-Jewish himself, was Michael Bradley. In Michael Bradley’s books “The Iceman Inheritance” and “Chosen People From the Caucasus and The Cronos Complex” he talks about the possibility that Neanderthals with some human admixture cause the large majority of violence on the planet. An anthropologist surveyed all the Neanderthal bones and found they had enormous numbers of fractures. Double the amount of all others. Maybe the Jews are not only psychopaths maybe they’re Neanderthals. The link below has some good reading.(Oh shit Micheal Bradley died last year. I link his site but a lot of stuff is gone. The first link is a chapter of his books on this and very relevant to Neanderthals. Download a copy before it disappears).

Here's an Internet archive link. Look at these links. You may have to change the timeline at the top to get a link at the archive.

The Iceman Inheritance

Personal Admission of Inspiration for The Cronos Complex (1974)

and The Iceman Inheritance (1978)

Esau's Empire I. Foundation: the psychobiology of religion

Esau's Empire II. The Rise (and Fall?) of Esau's Empire: a brief psychobiological history of the Western World from circa 80,000 BC to 9/11

Chosen People From the Caucasus and The Cronos Complex

Michael Bradley also had the insight to reason that the recent reports that all humans except Africans have about 5% Neanderthal DNA to be completely meaningless as it could mean the people in the Middle East have 50% and everyone else next to none.

Now this sounds and very well may be just crazy nonsense but there's no doubt the Jews that seem to be most Jewish look a bit like Neanderthals. It's also true that the Jews have made strenuous effort to besmirch the study of skull shapes, bone structure or physiology of Man and how that may be linked to thought patterns and behavior. Unfortunately, for them, while they squashed this kind of thinking for a while it keeps coming back as it seems to be factual.