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Three Brothers
A Study in Masculine Regression

Jason came home to visit his father, a retired dentist living in a small East Coast town, long divorced from his nurse mother. Jason is currently involved in divorce hassles and is a successful consultant to manufacturing and licensing firms around the world. Jason was looking forward to meeting his youngest brother, who is married with a young son and was also visiting his father.

Sounds like a pretty typical middleclass white family, right?

Jason and his family identify as black and appear to be about 75% black in genetic heritage.

Then the regressive element of the family showed, up, the middle brother, who, despite being raised in all white neighborhoods in upscale environments by hard working parents, has adopted the Hip Hop lifestyle as a kind of crusade against anything that is inconvenient. He began swearing in front of the child and when the youngest brother asked him to stop he attacked the entire family, resulting in the youngest brother using a bat to subdue him with leg and head strokes.

The police were very helpful and had to take the younger brother in for the very explicit crimes of self-defense and defense of the elderly and defense of children and the defense of decency.

How this will play out Jason does not know, though he wished he would have rolled into town in time to stop the assault of his father and nephew so that his brother did not have to take that charge for using a bat against his much larger middle brother.

Some will say this is genetic regression, that all people out of Africa will devolve into mindless savagery. But knowing Jason and men like him I disagree. I see the seduction of the greater society, engineered to mine the worst impulses from our lie-saturated minds to our mutual detriment. Using this family as an example, with three of four men, decent, productive folks who wish to do good and be left alone and only one a savage, I’d say that’s an argument for positive parental influence, for will over all other factors. Nurture and nature is a bullshit debate because it misses the third element—will.

And if we are to wonder how society fits in, how postmodern morals, norms, civics and laws play out, the man who attacked an elder and a child faces no criminal charges, only the man who did his traditional duty, by illegally sinning against the God of Things and putting a bump on his brother’s head which required no medical attention.

I try to navigate the dire straits which are the monolithic and unreasoning mindsets of nurture on the Left and Nature on the Right. But in this case, we are obviously looking at negative media nurture and negative state reinforcement as prime causes of this family’s dilemma, a dilemma which has but one name, that affixed to the one brother in three who fell prey to the media machine designed to drive us all to moral extinction.

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Sam J.March 30, 2018 2:06 AM UTC

Considering the parents were decent people, note I have never, ever said that there are not Blacks that are supremely decent and good people, and the ratio is still 1/4 or 25% bad. That's not a good ratio at all. In families where the decentness is more average for Blacks you could easily see the ratio about 1/3. More accurately I think about 1/3 are thugs, 1/3 are ambivalent and will go either way and 1/3 are decent. Averages I think are about 40% Blacks end up in jail. The decent ones must be some of the most conflicted people on the planet looking at the carnage that Blacks create. Wondering what they can do. Knowing that the rest, whether they like it or not, are reflections of themselves yet also knowing they are not in any way responsible or like the thugs.

Now add in how somehow Whites must be some kind of hero and come up with a solution for all this. Callous as it is I refuse. I look around and I see Whites as like people on the boat that is sinking. Knowing we can swim but out in the middle of the Ocean even the best have trouble treading water for days and here are those that can barely tread water screaming to be saved. Knowing if you get close to them they will latch onto you and most likely drag you down to the depths with them as you can't swim good enough to hold you both up. I don't think we can save Blacks. There's not enough of us and all we've tried has been to no avail. Maybe we could have done more, so they say, but it's not like we haven't tried. We failed. The best we can do is look after ourselves and separate the Blacks who do ill from the ones that do not with what ever barbarian means we can come up with to make sure it sticks.

It's just too much to ask to expect Whites to solve all the problems for everyone else. We can barely save ourselves.
MannyMarch 30, 2018 12:38 AM UTC

It is amazing how brothers can be so different. Do you have any biological brothers James?
responds:March 30, 2018 1:17 PM UTC

When my younger brother Gerard, died in the hospital my mother adopted Tony, who was exactly six times the athlete I was, smarter and much better looking.

My sister Theresa is biological.

Sheri, Mike, Bobby, Ritch and Ron are all step siblings.

Oddly enough, I'm most like Sheri.
BobMarch 29, 2018 9:06 PM UTC

Africans, even in Africa, aren't *mindlessly* savage. What Westerners judge as barbarous is merely a reflection of low average time-preference and intelligence populations structured along tribal lines.

Blacks' behavior is dictated by the nation's elites. The former have no power that isn't given to them for strategic reasons. Their value is merely that of a club to be used against whitey.