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Mr. White Goes to Dindu High
And a Brief Compilation of Canine Crimes: Radio Free Dindustan Reports

Man’s Best Friend Update.

A brief compilation of recent canine attacks.

4-year-old boy fatally attacked by family dog

Child airlifted to hospital where he died from injuries (Fido grabbed him by the neck and shook him like a rat.)

Young Oklahoma girl killed in dog attack

“Dodge says he had just taken in the pit bull 5 days earlier from a friend and that there were no warning signs that the dog could be vicious.”

Norman Oklahoma - three on one dog attack. Smaller dog and lady get attacked by three large dogs.

57 dog attack deaths & 645 disfigurements in 2017, led by pit bulls

“Setters, Newfies, Dalmatians & greyhounds continue 35-year record as the safest big dogs.”

Dog attacks fatal in Canada about once per year

Rare but not unprecedented: statistics

“The National Canine Research Council (NCRC) has documented 47 human fatalities in Canada between 1964 and 2010. That's an average of about one per year.”

“Nearly half of the documented Canadian deaths (20 out of 47) involved sled-dog breeds such as Siberian huskies, according to the NCRC. Almost all of the cases involved animals known to the victims.”

Quebec Owner Karim Jean Gilles Faces Jail Time After His Pit Bull-Type Dog Mauls Girl

Pitbull dog Attack vs Husky ||2018||

Dogs kill miniature horses, donkey in attacks at San Jose children’s zoo

2018's first wolf-on-dog attack recorded in Forest County

Surge of dog attacks in Tempe has left dogs dead, residents scared

2 taken to hospital after dog attack in Anderson Co.

Third dog attacked by coyotes in Natick MA

Coyote attacks dog in Watertown

Service dog attacked on walk by several aggressive dogs

Child, man sent to hospital after Kalamazoo MI dog attack

Dog bites take big chunk out of home owners insurance

Cayman Islands - Man kills dog while under attack

Falmouth father stabs family dog to death to save one-year-old

TPD officer hospitalized after dog attacks him in North Toledo

Surviving dog attacks and windstorms, he walked 2,594 miles to raise money for Parkinson's

A total of 16 dog attacks and an encounter with a pack of coyotes.

Race War Update.

A different type of ‘polar bear hunting’ in Canada. The four-legged polar bears are an endangered species and not to be molested of course.

“Police released videos of two of the incidents. In one, a 46-year-old woman is kicked down the stairs from behind by a young male at the Belvedere LRT station. The woman suffered five broken ribs in the January 2018 attack, and the suspect was charged with aggravated assault. In the other video, a group of about 30 youth swarms two male teens in a social media-organized “flash mob” attack at Century LRT station. One of the victims was hospitalized, and two suspects have been charged with assault causing bodily harm.”

A wakeup call': Edmonton police charge more than 30 teens in series of crimes

Accused face a total of 460 charges after incidents across the city, including a woman being kicked down the stairs

Escalator Attack - Woman kicked own stairs

Swarming Attack

Life in Dindustan Update.

Some white/Hispanic dope fiends with a bad habit of entering other people’s dwellings by mistake. Note that one of commenters to this article claims that the male perp had tried to force his way into her abode.

Keep your doors locked! Even if you live on the dark side of the moon.

Eugene homeowner holds trespassers at gunpoint

A local resident found two people in his garage in the middle of the night.

Life in Dindustan Update.

More dindus searching for 'lost chillun’.

MR. WHITE: Georgia elementary teacher accused in gang-related slaying of kids

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

Equidistant Drowning Babies: Confessions of A Virulent Race Traitor

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