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Nazi Love
And Other Dissident News from the Fault Right

Dad’s Heart Beat



Found this while rummaging through a library discard sale the other day. Might or might not be of use.

Take care, Brother Man.

-Nero the Pict

[Indian Prehistory of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, 1965


22, March, 2018

“Along with the Fairless book [Mad Blood Stirring by Daemon Fairless] is a classic 1950s era boxing novel by Leonard Gardiner [Fat City] which you may be familiar with; if not all the better! Keep up the good work, but more importantly, take care of yourself and those you love!“

Best, and be safe!

-Ken Moody

Manny, the savage escaped convict in the movie "Runaway Train", telling his naive bust-out partner the same thing Jordan Peterson is saying to anyone wise enough to listen: humble yourself, discipline your mind, control the things you can.

Dogs, still not an academic discussion:

-Carbon Mike

Listen to Carbon Mike at:

“…gonna send link maybe you've seen this guy I dunno. Take care


Phone Fix

-Ruppert the Startled

Varg and Pierre San Gorgio

Meeting of the minds. Near the later half they talk about the native north American Indians and their size and health, I'm convinced some of my comments and a few others showed the Euro-centric Varg this fact which fits into both of your 'Howardian' view on the virtues of barbarism.

Junger’s Birthday

The oppressed individual shot him.

Something I wrote last Halloween at Pat's house upstate.

-The Leveller

James here’s a picture of the first round ring in the USA 1944 in a shipyard middleweight Freddie Apostoli who was in the navy at the time is boxing an exhibition he is on the left the ropes are aluminum tubes covered in velvet cloth

-Big Ron

Outlaws in my Family and Region

Look man. You fuckin crack me up. I know you’re for real. I think of ya and laugh all the time. Your sense of humor is second to none.

My great great uncle was Mark Twain. He’s remembered for his humor.

One last outlaw I’d like to direct your attention to is the Ballarat Bandit. He was running around Nevada, literally out running helicopters and trucks, the man was like a Sasquatch, I talked to ranchers and sheriffs who chased him, and they all swore the man could run 100 miles a day. He was the big story when I was out there.

Dude was a bad ass.

-Tony Cox

Nazis Love LaFond

-Forwarded by Manny the Man

[Twitter screen shots expressing aproval of the crackpot.]

The Streets Have Eyes

How the Ghetto Got My Soul

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BobApril 1, 2018 4:40 AM UTC

Ishmael's contribution was very moving for anyone who's trod that path. Thanks.

Thanks to the Leveller, too, but street ATMs are still preferable to the closed, recessed variety, risky because of reduced visibility. Here's that nightmare: