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Jeremy Bentham is Keeping the Light on In Case the Zombies Miss You

Anarcho-Tyranny News from Radio Free Dindustan

It’s the ‘Catch 22’ gun control law: you can’t use your gun for self-defense UNLESS you have a gun license that says you may use it for self-defense. Semi colon HOWEVER comma if you DO ask for a license to own a gun so that you may use it for self-defense, you will NOT be issued one.

Australia is a cautionary example for American gun owners. The Globalist-Left wants to impose the same oppressive gun laws in America they succeeded in enacting in Australia. Should they succeed it will put average Americans at great peril, since the criminal underclass in America is much larger and more aggressive than it is Down Under. And growing. Foreign invaders are crossing America’s southern border by the thousands each and every day. The government is even importing crime prone ‘refugees’ from the third world and planting them in vulnerable communities. We know that crime rates are reported to be at historic lows throughout the U.S.A., but we also know that crime is being seriously underreported in many jurisdictions. This underreporting of crime by the authorities is occurring in all the western democracies that have recently become more multicultural. Consequently many communities are much more dangerous than they are reputed to be. Simultaneously the police forces there are being precipitously reduced in size and discouraged from confronting the increasingly bold and aggressive multicultural law-breakers. The civilians living in these communities are more than ever in need of efficient means of personal self-defense.

What is remarkable is that so many of the citizens of OZ continue to seek to acquire firearms in spite of the vexatious laws and regulations imposed on them. Laws and regulations specifically intended to discourage private gun ownership. Why do they bother? Like the man said, you don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing.

“Under New South Wales law, and Australian law generally, firearms may *only* be used for the purpose the license to use them for is issued under. If the license is not issued for self defense, they may not be used for self defense. The 1996 firearms agreement between Australia states specifically forbids issuing a firearms license for self defense. If license holders use their license for self defense, they can lose their license to own a firearm forever. They can be jailed for up to five years…”

“Australian firearms law is some of the most extreme and restrictive firearms law in Western civilization. Perhaps the most extreme part is outlawing of the use of firearms for self defense. Even in England and Wales, or in Canada, while licenses are not granted for self defense, self defense with a firearm is not prohibited.”

Australian Gun Control Means no Self Defense with Firearms

Australia Gun Culture, Ownership Increases in NSW and Australia: Part 6

Gun ownership figures for NSW show more than 850,000 firearms in private hands - 2015

"The cops are the experts on the current criminal trends. If they have determined that a "high capacity" semiautomatic pistol and a .223 semiautomatic rifle with 30-round magazines are the best firearms for them to use to protect people like me and my family, they are obviously the best things for us to use to protect ourselves and our families."

-Massad Ayoob, Combat Firearms Expert

“Despite Australia’s strict gun control regime, criminals are now better armed than at any time since then-Prime Minister John Howard introduced a nationwide firearm buyback scheme in response to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre,” said The Age last year in a special report on the climbing rate of gun crimes in the city of Melbourne, where shootings have become “almost a weekly occurrence.”

Gun control is not working so well Down Under, eh? Well, at least the civilians in OZ have all been rendered helpless to resist evil.

Australian police increasingly issued patrol rifles

Victoria Police to get military-style semi-automatic guns

YOUNG, DUMB AND ARMED - How Melbourne became a gun city

“A brazen new breed of criminals is taking up arms at unprecedented rates and they aren't afraid to use them. Read part one of The Age's investigation into how Melbourne became a gun city.”



Gun crime in Melbourne is soaring and it's only a matter of time before an innocent person gets caught in the crossfire.

New South Wales Public Order and Riot Squad officers with Colt M4 carbines (Photo: AAP via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Australia: Brainless do-gooders to make Aboriginal crime problem worse

“What is their solution to the high rate of Aboriginal crime? To reduce the penalties! They want to abolish jail for fine defaults, for instance. Do they know nothing about human behaviour? Basic psychology tells us that to reduce the undesired behaviour you need to INCREASE the penalties, not reduce them. But Leftist "solutions" almost invariably worsen the problem so this ideological claptrap is nothing new. They are trying to signal their own big heartedness, not help Aborigines.”

-John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot.

Looks like Oz has the same problem as 'Murica: too many non-whites in prison for violating the white man’s laws. That has got to stop. Now OZ is importing African blacks. The authorities will no doubt discover that way too many of them end up in prison too. Come on now. White people’s laws should apply only to white people, eh?

Calls for change amid indigenous 'crisis'

Still more dindus searching for ‘lost chillun’.

See video.

Woman shoots at armed, masked men after attack outside southwest Houston home

Another foreign invader who came here to kill Americans.

The 24-7 media coverage of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school shooting in Florida, and the Leftist protests, is inspiring numerous copy cat crimes.

“According to the Educator's School Safety Network, a group that tracks school safety, there have been nearly 1,400 "school-based incidents and threats" made, many through social media, since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida. Of 83 total incidents, a gun was found in 40 cases and 12 were classified as "thwarted plots."

Student stockpiled arsenal, threatened school shooting, police say

‘Just not safe anymore:’ Woman, 18, found shot to death in vehicle near 99th and Carmen

We'll get you YT…and your pet snake too!

Pet snake stabbed to death during home burglary in Northeast El Paso

Another dindu searching for a ‘lost chile', no doubt.

Suspected home intruder shot by resident on Britton Avenue in Northeast El Paso

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

A foreign invader attempting to kidnap American children.

“Police in Louisiana say a possible illegal immigrant with a machete tried to snatch two children from their mothers inside a Walmart.”

Machete-wielding man tried to kidnap children at Walmart

The GQ Mugging Inquest: A Study in Masculine Culture

Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time

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BobApril 1, 2018 10:59 PM UTC

@ PR:

I agree with all you say except the police pensions. I don't care where you go in the world, or whatever the regime, police, uniformed or not, have fat, ruddy cheeks even when surrounded by gaunt, hollow-cheeked patriots. Those pensions will be underwritten until the end of politics as we know it. They'll increasingly be only protecting the elite and hounding its enemies.
Sam J.April 1, 2018 7:28 PM UTC

Here you go. Free books on making auto guns with parts from Home Depot. A .32, .380 and a 9mm. Also home made ammo and barrel sizing.
BobApril 1, 2018 4:34 AM UTC

The genesis of Australia's gun-grab was the Pt. Arthur false flag. A 9/11-style event planned and executed by the same syndicate.
PRMarch 31, 2018 2:24 PM UTC

The way to thwart gun control legislation is to stop obeying it. In Brazil, they have gun control. It's laughable because a friend went there and paid to take a tour of a favela where the house carls of drug lords guarded the streets with AKMs. Meanwhile, the people aren't legally allowed to own anything more than a .32 ACP. Meanwhile, in Mexico, there is strict gun control for anyone who follows the law in Mexico, which is almost no one:

No one has explained how you can outlaw a technology like firearms or semi-automatic actions which are themselves 100 years old. Blowback operation is very simple and what you would use if you thought you were going to have to throw your gun away after use.

THis brings us to the question of how to avoid becoming a Great White Defendant. I think, in addition to noncompliance with gun control legislation (caching, ghost gunning, etc), you start telling the cops you dindu nuffin. The cops will start being faced with their own moral dilemma of arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for defending themselves. DAs are usually Democrats and throw brown and black people into jail all day. A white man, like Shephard Fairey who is facing 10 years for putting up some street art, is someone they relish convicting. I think this means your neighborhood and community should cultivate a shadow police force alongside the official one. Official police forces are going to become a thing of the past once the cops fidn out they're not getting what was promised for their pensions and the West fills up with nonwhites who don't trust the cops anyway.