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A Lesson They Won’t Forget
Tony Cox on Touring Dystopia with Children

You’d think Orange County would have a lot of bums. After all, the last count for the city of Los Angeles was 58,000 homeless.

In the last 72 hours, I’ve seen exactly 2. No cardboard signs at the freeway exits. No campsites anywhere. Nobody outside the 7-11 looking like they want my spare change.

The two bums I did see looked hunted, eyes downcast, feral creatures. I imagined hell hounds on their trail......their faces are the only ones I remember, the most human by far.

According to Orange County spokesman Jen Nentwig, the county is not disclosing specifically where all them homeless folks disappeared off to, but that’s just "to allow the county to find appropriate and safe locations to place the individuals ... as well as to protect the safety of the homeless individuals placed in the motels." It seems to me like someone found a way to solve the homeless problem, and doesn’t wanna let the rest of us in on her little secret. The white bread locals assure me that the homeless population is shittin’ in high cotton, living it up in motels, far, far away. Money always finds a way, and rich liberals never cease to amaze. The so called income inequality here is probably on a par with that of Dubai. The end result of every society.

About every third person down here looks to be either Indian or middle eastern, all wearing expensive looking western clothing. I wonder if it’s the Brahmans running the show around here, their experience atop the caste system making them the ideal new architects of this strange multicultural fascism? Perhaps the descendants of the true Aryan race are finally conquering the new world, by way of H1-B visas? Most of them look too rich to be employed though....

The air smells faintly of chlorine and engine exhaust. There is no litter on the streets, and everyone, regardless of race, has the rich man’s glow, that shine of money. White teeth, new shoes, and body language that gives off an attempted air of superiority. These chosen people may as well be from a different planet. No matter what the race, after a certain amount of wealth, we all become Asian.

I am in the shadow of the valley of the millionaires, and with my worn out clothes and rucksack, I wonder if I might get rounded up myself.....

“Disneyland is bullshit, dad.” said my oldest. “Hey, hey. Language.....” says I.

“There’s too many people. You gotta wait in line 99% of the time for that 1% on a ride. It’s not worth it.”, says my youngest. “Yeah,” chimes in the older one again, “they’re trying to soak us. And look at all the grown ups wearing Mickey Mouse crap. They remind me of androids.” “Yeah dad. Can we just go back to the hotel and swim?”

Conspiracies about the CIA/Disney connection have always abounded, none of it very concrete or convincing. Here’s what I do believe though: Nobody is better at getting inside a little kid’s head than Disney. With their army of early childhood psychologists, they long ago found how to manipulate youngsters from infancy, childhood and all the way up through adulthood. I observed almost as many adults without children as I did families during my brief time there. People look back with fondness at those memories that never really were theirs. Just like women, tinsel and sentiment are the greatest weapons of this brainwashing monster.

So here I lay, poolside at the cheapest hotel in Anaheim, my children splashing and laughing, despite the cold of the unheated pool, our last full day here, and we’re not even thinking about going back to Disneyland.

I remember the words of a poet, “Mickey Mouse is a three fingered rodent with no soul. My job is to kick him out of your head.” This week, I’ve accomplished just that.

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

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Tony CoxApril 2, 2018 9:17 AM UTC

Bob, I think they’ve been doing that same type of thing ever since.

PR, no my kids cuss like white men on occasion, I discourage it of course, but they don't speak Ebonics.
PRApril 1, 2018 10:10 AM UTC

My parents and grandparents remember when you got into Disneyland for free and paid for the rides with tickets, hence "e-ticket ride." The e-tickets were for the best rides. As a teenager, I had a season pass and went often with friends where we'd hang out with other decadent Orange County youth. Now its main purpose is fleecing Asian tourists and clueless NorCal bumpkins who for some reason like Disney. Walt is rolling in his grave as Disney Corp has become a haven of Jews, pormographers, and Sodomites who always seem to be corporate bedfellows.

Orange County became what it is because of the bussing of blacks in Los Angeles county to white areas and black rioting. The most expedient thing was just to move out to the OC rather than solve the black crime problem, so OC is really the land of the sons of expedience. This is not stock from which you breed hardy civilizations.

Orange County was diversified by Mexicans and Vietnamese refugees. The H1Bs started trickling in the 90s and have now become a flood. I've run into Chinese in Beijing who tell me they're from Irvine.

Sounds like your son goes to school near an MLK Blvd. His area is one of the last holdouts of black people in CA.
BobApril 1, 2018 8:20 AM UTC

I'm with your kids, it's a rip-off.

On Disney, Walt, you might find this interesting: