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Lesbians Died While We Ate Our Turkey
By Fred Beare

Yes, while good Texan Christians like me ate their turkey lunch, all the family present, a lunch of juicy meat with gravy, roasted vegetables, then hot apple pie smothered in thick American cream, out there lesbians and their adopted multiracial children were dying, or dead:

“Mystery over why pickup truck carrying lesbian couple and SIX adopted children - including one who famously hugged a cop during 2014 protest - plunged over a cliff on Pacific Coast Highway after visit by Child Protective Services

• Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 39, were killed when their car plunged off a cliff in Northern California on Monday

• Bodies of three of their children were also found after being thrown from the car

• The couple's three other children are still missing and searchers have been scouring the coast line looking for them

• Police believe all six of the couple's adopted children were in the car at the time

• Family, who live in Washington, had just been visited by child protective services

• Neighbors say they saw the couple leaving quickly with their six adopted children after not answering the door to the child services worker.”

Now what was I going to say? Honey, please pass more cream.

Another good reason for marriage, and virginity unto marriage, for men and women, Mr Saxon:

Catholicism is anti-Christian, as James said, denying the basic message of our Lord Jesus Christ:

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Sam J.April 3, 2018 2:00 PM UTC

Narcissist cunts could have left the kids and done themselves alone.
Tony CoxApril 2, 2018 9:31 AM UTC

The crazy bitches did it on purpose.