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‘Second-Order Punishment’
Race and Generational Shame by E. Michael Jones

Reading from Culture Wars, January 2018, pages 28-47, a Review of we Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Random House, NY 2017 Courtesy of S. S. Sam

I have summarized E. Michael Jones’ article below. It is imperfect but I think captures his main points. I would like to point out that Jones’ views on Jews are not mine. I am simply condensing his narrative with a single criticism concerning the overlooking of Caucasian slavery.

E. Michael Jones review of a vapid effort by a deluded meat-puppet from my degenerate hometown of what he thinks is a tragedy—though pathetically lacking the means to experience tragedy—takes the form of a three-tiered deconstruction of America’s central lie, that only African Americans have ever been held in bondage and that this was an expression of anti-Jewish white supremacy. Jones deconstructs Coates, Malcolm X and the Civil Rights Farce, beginning with the seduction of Frederick Douglas, the demonization of Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey and the deification of W.E. B. DeBois and his ideological descendants, all puppets of the moneyed Jewish interests that took over the reins of power and historical narrative from their pale protestant imitators over the course of the 20th Century.

Jones demonstrates an insider knowledge of the culture of fatherlessness and shame which cripples the young African American writer, Coates, who is then seduced, molded and used by the Hebrew American Left to worship the ghost of the Shadow President and engineer the hatchet jobs on African American conservatives like Bill Cosby, necessary to insure the ongoing moral enslavement of black to Jew, which is the cornerstone of American dystopian social engineering. Jones, though not understanding that exclusive black enslavement is a lie, and totally ignorant of the fact that many millions more whites than blacks were worked to death in bondage to make an industrial shit stain of this once great land, remains well aware of the Post-Plantation Era politics of black shame, white guilt and extra-Israelite tabooing that are the moral engines of our dystopia.

Jones does particularly well characterizing our current Postmodern religion, Political Correctness as a Judaic targeting of the post-Christian western mind with toxic politics of “second-order punishment” by which Jewish political and business interests control the greater culture by declaring anyone associated with an “unclean” person such as Trump or E. Michael Jones, will be politically unclean and ostracized and that this comes directly from ancient Hebrew methods of internal social control. So how are non-Jews in America so easily controlled by ancient Hebrew ethical mechanics?

Since the secularization of the majority of American Christians, black and white, all that is left are the mechanics of guilt, shame and internal ostracism which come down through the ages directly from the parent religion of Christianity, which was Judaism, with Jesus Christ being a heretical Jew. Simply inflicting fatherlessness on the minority black population is enough to turn that population against all patriarchal aspects of the greater culture, most notably God, the most foundational of patriarchal notions. Hence the minority blacks are shamed and emasculated into a pliable and easily led mob and the majority whites are afflicted with guilt and targeted with charges of social uncleanliness [political incorrectness] if they refuse to accept the weight of their ancestral guilt. Hence, as is plain to see by the secularization and suicide of the catholic and mainstream protestant churches in recent years, Christianized peoples carry the seeds of their own dissolution in their faith. For when the negative rationality of modernity succeeds in removing mysticism and superstition from Christianity, all that remains are the ancient Hebrew ethical structures, which have been ingeniously retooled to enslave the ideological remnant of the human mind and reshape it as a mere node of reflexive hive instincts.

Along the way Jones debunks the competing notions that the father of Malcolm X, Earl Little, died by suicide or murder. He did not commit suicide as police and insurance officials claimed, nor was he slain by the Black Legion [which had no affiliates in the area] but simply slipped onto the trolley tracks while trying to board, according to the statement he gave to a State Trooper on the scene. Throughout, Jones presents facts which expose prominent African American Thinkers and actors as nothing but one of two things, victims of or tools of the very same religious-ethnic lineage which played such a prominent part in buying, shipping, holding and managing the African American soul from the first days of black chattel slavery in North America to our current age of the angry, black mind-slave and fearful white guilt-slave.

In Race and “Generational Shame” E. Michael Jones provides a blueprint to the postmodern, American Mind: one part raging idiot, one part cringing coward.

The Following is Surely Counter to Jones’ Thinking

In the end, every such important honest investigation of how Civilization works, uncovers the central truth of it, which is The Lie. Every Civilization sprouts from a foundational lie and yet we remain surprised at the constant rediscovery of this. Nothing exposes our domesticated mind more than that.

Malediction Song: Rise of the Nords: The Prequel to Reverent Chandler and NightSong of the Nords

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BobApril 3, 2018 1:25 AM UTC

First, I think Jones fails to recognize Jews as a distinct race, or, to avoid the sound of calf-boots a-stepping, a "people".

Second, Crown Heights is how blacks and Jews would get on together without the former being useful to the latter in their antagonistic rivalry with whites.