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‘Of Ignoble Means’
The Meaning of the Warrior Element for the New Europe, March 1941 by Julius Evola

Reading from pages 110-117 of Metaphysics of War

With a general world war well in gear Evola seems to have felt a need to encapsulate his previous essays on the Aryan warrior tradition into a hopeful sketch of a restoration of humanity to the by then purely defiled and mechanized global economic engine. He first lays out the basis for the moral inferiority of modernity, that although possessing its more ancient values, the warrior class has been reduced to a tool of the merchant class, preventing any higher values to seep into the body politic, forming a kind of regenerative degradation. Clausewitz’ dictum that war is merely a continuation of policy by other means is refuted on moral grounds. Evola, in discounting mercantile morality as inferior, has neatly predicted the ultimate triumph of the amoral machine mind of modernity. The degradation of the warrior to the soldier, which is a warrior slave to a management class, is said to be predictive of eventual erosion of morality society wide.

Evola then continues unwrapping the globalist worldview by exploring the real evil purpose of any police force, hinting that ultimate evil must infect humanity if “masonic” values continue to be perpetuated by police-like military entities. Citing a clear link to democracy and imperialism [perhaps with the Athenian League in mind] Evola, in condemning the democratic-imperialism of the Anglo-American Order, predicts its success, and its form quite neatly.

Framing militant democracy as “the dark forces of chaos and matter” versus the Aryan values of “light and order,” Evola—despite calling for a triumphant restoration of Aryan values and a return to higher purpose over low calculation—exposes Europe obliquely as an already fallen house, having invited the enemy of its ancestral nature to twist social concourse into moral insensibility. His deep lines of worry only show through on the third reading, overshadowed by such pronouncements of higher warrior aims as:

“…a peace which is not the cessation of the spiritual tension at work in combat and in warrior-like asceticism, but rather a sort of calm and powerful fulfillment of it…a certain formation of the mind and character, a simplicity, a clarity and harshness, a directly experienced meaning of existence, without expressionisms, without sentimentalisms, a pleasure of commanding, obeying, acting, conquering and overcoming oneself.”

Contrast this worldview with that of our highest calling, management, the calculating of the impact of information, disinformation and force for the instigation and cultivation of material gain—of killing as a business investment.

Evola’s warrior “opposes everything which is impersonal and trivial,” and therefore has no place in the modern sphere, where trivial celebrity is essentially the global slave religion and impersonal action untraceable to the instigator is at the center of the cult of power, from puppet president to drone strike. For Evola’s higher values to take form it would be necessary for the very civilization which is Modernity to be destroyed and supplanted by, “…that obedience which does not humiliate but exults, that command of leadership which commits one to superiority and a precise responsibility.”

A world, such as ours, where nothing is hated more than superiority and nothing is sought and found by the moral refugee that is the politician like ultimate deniability, cannot abide the heroic and survive so must forever seek out and corrupt those men who would embody “…the ‘asceticism’ inherent in warrior discipline: the ability to see reality [1], suppressing every particularistic haughtiness [2], every irrational affectation [3], every ephemeral pride [4]; scorn the comfortable life and for materialistic ideas of well-being [5]; a style of simplicity [6], audacity [7] and conscious force, in the common effort, on all planes.”


What follows are the Seven Sacred Rules of postmodern morality addressed so prophetically in this long ago dashed call for the slaying of The Beast Modernity.

1. Which our media mind stewards are dedicated to obscuring

2. The very structure of commercial society depends upon this trait, from cars to fashion to lawn ornaments

3. Now deified in the form of living transgender sainthood

4. The pitfall of ideologues and identitarians

5. The stated aim of every modern head of state is the improvement or preservation of standard of living, driven headlong by democratic notions of rule

6. Simplicity is ruthlessly driven from every aspect of the economy in the never ending quest for the value-added dollar

7. Audacity is the most criticized human trait in the postmodern setting, and is therefore discouraged among those few humans who possess the capacity for agency.

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