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Inconvenient Truths
American Injustice and Other Buried Perspectives from Guest Authors

…something I've been looking for the words to say. The ancient peasants of the British Isles, being descended from Picts and Iceni and other savages, had a clue about this:

There were three men came out of the west, their fortunes for to try

And these three men made a solemn vow

John Barleycorn must die

They laid him in three furrows deep,

Laid clods upon his head,

Then these three man made a solemn vow

John Barleycorn was dead.

The let him lie for a very long time

Till the rain from heaven did fall,

Then little Sir John sprang up his head

And he did amaze them all.

This is from the English folksong "John Barleycorn", which describes the making of alcohol from barley. Death, resurrection—and the spirit.

Years ago I lost my own faith (I was raised Episcopal), so now that I'm able to look at Christianity from the outside, I can draw a crooked line from pagan belief and death-songs through Christian mysticism right on up to Jordan Peterson telling us about manhood and the Logos.

The money quote from your blog post is

"the defiling of the church by the recent homosexual communist takeover and the surrender of mainstream Protestantism to the atheist hive mind"

Because soy-boys, feminists, and hive-minders are also trying to kill off manhood and the Logos. That's casus belli enough for me, Christian or not. I think it's a fine, noble, and manly thing to go to war in defense of manhood and the Logos, and to do so under the banner of The Hanged God. His victory is our victory.

Carbon Mike

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Create Space Alternative

Here you go!

I don’t think it’s free, but I think the quality is higher, and you can do hardback and ebooks.



I am a long time reader and fellow barbarian. If you have not read James Scott’s “ Against the grain” you really should. It’s an exploration of the birth of the state, particularly in Mesopotamia.

He agrees with a lot of what you have to say about Gilgamesh, civilization being a giant slave plantation etc.



Give it a rest California

I've got a warning label of my own: "Prolonged exposure to the state of California can turn you into a sissy".

-Carbon Mike

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“Audacity is the most criticized human trait in the postmodern setting, and is therefore discouraged among those few humans who possess the capacity for agency.”

Well put James sums up our leadership especially the lefts fear of putting everything on the line and doing what we believe in and believe to be true.

James you got to pop a cold one and watch this aussie b movie about ethnic tension and street brawling.

and one of my childhood favorites black fist.

Be safe.

Big Ron

Suggested Reading!

James—Here's a link to a book I stumbled across today that demolishes the sacred cow of our "justice" system, its true history, and the role lawyers and judges play in it ... I'm only 60 pages or so into the book at this point, but have already concluded that it is a stellar addition to the cause of bringing inconvenient history to the light of day!

Regards, Joe

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