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Poxic Muskulinity
Shep, Jack Donovan, Clued and Lynn Lockhart

Luke Ford

I listened to Dennis Dale but I haven't listened to this guy at all.


Dennis Dale on KMG


James, I don’t know exactly where I’m goin’ with this, but it seems pretty profound to me after a few drops of Jameson.

The bull-necked, heavy-jawed fella in the foreground is Yuri Gagarin, the first (official) man in space.

The winsome damsel in the prayer position is none other than Gina Lollobrigida.

(And for extra laffs, the battle-axe next to her is ‘mirin’ too.)

How incredibly frickin’ NORMAL that is…


James, I thought you could use an uplifting story. I don't play hockey myself but this story made me fucking cheer.

All the best.


Jack Donovan


Posted on April 2, 2018

An interview with my bro from the Wolves of Vinland, Matthias Waggener about his new book, Love is Death in Your Veins — a transcontinental motorcycle travelogue exploring love, divorce and life on the road. We talked about the book, but also about leadership and building strong groups of men.

Books For Sale by James LaFond

The Complete Catalog by Lynn Lockhart

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Sam J.April 6, 2018 12:14 PM UTC

Have you read Luke Ford's article where when he was trying to become a Jew he went to a temple where they knew him but not that he wasn't a genetic Jew? There they talked about their take over of the world and how it was going. After they found out he heard and wasn't a Jew they tried to poison him. So he says anyways.
BobApril 5, 2018 11:33 PM UTC

Re: Luke Ford - a fine interviewer, not interrupting his host, but challenging the points. This interview with Tanstaafl was excellent. Worth hanging around until the end, when the guest puts the host on the spot.
Tony CoxApril 4, 2018 9:20 AM UTC

Jack Donovan is a poser. Just look at the picture in that link. Jim Goad interviewed him for his podcast last year, the theme was violence. Every time Donovan was asked if he’d been in any fights, he “um”s and changes the subject or gives some non committal answer.