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‘Meat is Murder’
Insane YoHo Shoots Up YouTube HQ

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Phoenix mother charged with using stun gun to wake teen son for Easter church service

Mad World Update.

'Cough medicine killer' was obsessed with American Psycho film: Cops

Mad World Update.

Accused forced girl to watch boyfriend's murder: Prosecutors


Bitchez be Crazy Update.

A ‘Persian Azeri female vegan bodybuilder, also animal rights activist promoting healthy and humane living’ shoots and wounds three people (one her boy friend) before killing herself at YouTube HQ.

Nasim Aghdam identified as YouTube shooter

Books For Sale by James LaFond

The Complete Catalog by Lynn Lockhart

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BobApril 5, 2018 12:26 AM UTC

Neocon propagandizing both from media and from within the administration isn't above making stories up to garner public support for an Iran war. WMD, mushroom-cloud over Washington, etc.. These people are determined to realize the Yinon Plan.