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Aussie Police Doing a Rodney King
By Ugly Dave Blackhead

Yo! Our cops down under can be almost as big a heroes as yours. Have a captain cook at six big hi-viz clad warriors wacking and spraying a disabled guy, who broke no law at all, but was thought by some social worker to be at risk to himself.

Serves him right, I say. They were quite within their rights to gun him down to stop him being a risk to himself. Then they could have used a police tank and run over him a few thousand times. After that flamethrowers, and maybe even nuking him from orbit, “because it is the only way to be sure”:

Thrill, as one cop diligently works away on the disabled guy’s calf muscle with a baton, pumping away like he probably pumps his wife/husband. It makes one feel safe just looking at the enthusiasm they swing the batons. Pity that they don’t know how to hit, then they could have really done some damage!

All that is missing here is gay sex. But, I suppose the hosing down kind of goes in that area, in a jail rape sort of way.

Overall, an excellent training video for how to keep the plebs in line. A six porker rating.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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ShepApril 5, 2018 3:33 PM UTC

Well, for some unknown reason they ARE wearing high-visibility, easy-targeting vests. That would even the odds a bit, IF there were guns in the hands of private citizens.