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If this Was YOUR Last Stand
By Eirik Bloodaxe

I greatly admire the story about the tough Gurkha, Bishnu Shrestha, who fought of hordes of train scum:

“On September 2010, Bishnu Shrestha, a 35-year-old Gurkha soldier, was on his way to Gorakhpur from Ranchi. He was travelling via the Maurya Express (Hatia-Gorakhpur) when between fifteen and forty armed robbers attacked the train near Chittaranjan, West Bengal and robbed the passengers of their valuables.

Shrestha was fast asleep when the bandits reached him. Awakened, he was prepared to give up his valuables, but the 18-year-old woman next to him was grabbed by the robbers who intended to rape her. The woman called for help. He pulled out the large, curved kukri knife that all Gurkha soldiers carry and attacked the bandits.

Shrestha told the Times of India, "I am a soldier and get paid to protect citizens of this country. I could not sit back and watch as passengers were looted. I pulled out my khukri and attacked the criminals. I succeeded in connecting with at least three of them. The blows were severe and they must have got themselves admitted to some hospital. By then, the criminals started fighting back. They fired a shot that missed me. At one point of time, the khukri fell from my hand and I was overpowered. They picked it up and used it on me." The Times of India continues, "After Shresta slumped to the ground, profusely bleeding from his wound, all fight went out from the other passengers. None of them dared to make eye contact with the criminals and did their bidding."

Six robbers were arrested and Rs 10,470 in cash, 33 mobile phones, 14 wrist watches and an ATM card were recovered, along with two pistols, live cartridges and daggers.

Shrestha's injuries to his left arm required two months of medical treatment, but recovered full use of his injured hand.”

Of course, these guys are brilliant fighters, but they also have a superb hand weapon, the kukri, which is excellent for fighting in close spaces, when the chips are down, and Shrestha said that he would have had no hope without this thick kindy piece of steel that destroys all in its path.

So for discussion: you are in the same situation, no firearms on either side, what weapon would you have? They intend to sodomize you, your family, then kill and eat you. This is it; it is your last stand. Fight them! But with what?

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LaManoApril 11, 2018 1:25 PM UTC

You never know what it's going to take to stop a guy.

In the 1986 Miami FBI shootout, one of the robbers, Michael Platt, was still fighting and killing FBI agents after being shot 11 times. It took a close range .357 in the spinal cord to stop him.

And he wasn't drunk, on PCP, nor a superman. Just adrenalin.

If that's the guy you're fighting, you'd better know where to hit. I'm sure if you got in a full-arm downward swing with a t-ball bat across his temple (assuming you could get there), it would have had the same effect as 10 pistol and shotgun rounds ....
BobApril 11, 2018 7:37 AM UTC

Oh, that's easy, I'd just use my hardback copy of de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" against sensitive parts like groin, temple, nose and eyes. Seems to work in the movies.
Sam J.April 11, 2018 6:50 AM UTC

Electric cattle prod. I mean one of those sure enough ones they light up bulls when they want them to buck in rodeos.

I commented before on these used in a cane, (electric cane), with two leads on the tip and alternating leads half way up the shaft so no one could take the cane away. Whack them with it and zap them every time they grab hold cane. Non lethal, supposedly, and...vicious.

If they have a knife you still have the reach and they can't take away the cane because every time they grab it you light them up so you can slowly whack the shit out of them and they can do nothing. You also don't have actually strike them proficiently just touch them and hit the trigger. Instant pain. They can throw the knife at you but if they miss they have no knife and you still have the electric cane. Same goes for hammers and other such.

Warning might not work on people smoking PCP but...nothing works on them. There was a guy on PCP in Vegas that got shot by the cops 13 times with a 9mm and he was still fighting. I think Rodney King, the LA guy, was smoking PCP. That's why they had to beat the shit out of him.
LaManoApril 10, 2018 2:26 PM UTC

From what I know of Gurkhas over the years, including one I've met, it would take 30 or 40 street robbers to get topsides on one Gurkha. Any fellow Asian they've ever faced are scared shitless of them.

I wonder what normal Americans would do in that situation? Thirty or forty thugs, rapists, and killers board a train with hundreds of people on board. One soldier pulls a knife and begins counterattacking.

Do the rest of the citizens just meekly submit to rape and pillage when their hero goes down? Or, fired by his example, do they fall on the robbers with anything they can find, and rip them all to little quivering shreds with knees, teeth, pencils, whatever? Of course, out of 400 normal Americans (define "normal" however you like) there will be dozens of guns drawn, so maybe it never even gets there ...