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The Whiteman’s Law
A Radio Free Dindustan Survey of Pro-Crime Advocacy

Second Mexican War Update.

“This We’ll Defend!” Border bases.

“President Trump announced on Wednesday that the U.S. military would guard the U.S.-Mexico border until the wall can be built.

Now, we’re learning that the Department of Homeland Security wants to build actual military installations on the Southern Border.”

“That’s GREAT NEWS!”

Trump Has More BIG PLANS For the Military at the U.S.-Mexico Border

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President Trump announced on Wednesday that the U.S. military would guard the U.S.-Mexico border until the wall can be built.

Now, we’re learning that the Department of Homeland Security wants to build actual military installations on the Southern Border.


From Daily Wire

On Wednesday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced that President Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to protect the United States’ southern border and also indicated that DHS is looking into constructing military installations along the border.

Nielsen’s announcement that the National Guard is being deployed to the southern border comes after Trump said on Tuesday that he will use the military to defend the border.

“It’s time to act,” Nielsen said, adding that the deployment force sent to the border “will be strong.” Nielsen said that the logistics involved in deploying the National Guard are being worked out with governors and that “we do hope that the deployment begins immediately.”

JUST IN: DHS Sec. Nielsen: Pres. Trump to sign proclamation today to direct DHS, DoD work with states to deploy National Guard to the U.S. Mexico border.

— ABC News (@ABC) April 4, 2018

Nielsen’s comments come in response to Trump’s assertion in recent days that the Pentagon could use some of their funds to help pay for the border wall, the Washington Examiner reported.

Life in Dindustan / Anarcho-Tyranny Update

“And this is why identity politics are the new normal in America. There is no returning from this, because demographics is destiny.”

– Vox Day, January 05, 2017

“We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.”

-Winston Churchill

The rest of the story.

What this is, is a return of the good ole fashioned Irish faction fight, 21st century style. McGregor and his homies flew all the way from Ireland to New York City to settle a score.

I know you’re probably not going to like this James, but traditional Irish faction fights involve quite a bit of trash talking and excessive celebration. On the upside there lots of boxing and stick fighting.

[Jeremy, in ancient Ireland, my knuckle-dragging ancestors assigned professional insulter-hurlers to compete between the armies as they readied for combat. Where the Achaeans and Trojans once sent out heroes, the Irish sent out comedians… I suppose I should be glad of this Frog slave name!]

We’ve come to learn that whites are going to be accused of being racist scoundrels no matter what they do now, so what point is there in white people acting civilized anymore? It will be easier for the Irish to unlearn civilized behavior. LOL!

We're learning more about what led to Conor McGregor's bizarre attack on a bus of fighters at a UFC event

FACTION FIGHTING -"They fought for the sheer love of fighting"

"Off go the hats and the coats, the fight begins, Some strike the heads, while others strike the shins. The winching codgels around their fore heads play They need no leaders to begin the fray Where e'ere the brave O'Donoghues engage".

Irish faction fighters of the 19th Century

Vox Day – The Knucklehead Defense

The Guard - I'm Irish, sure. Racism's part of my culture

Will Conor plead not guilty by reason of being Irish? The Irish were oppressed after all.

James has documented well the oppression and slavery the Irish were forced to endure, both on the Old Sod and in Plantation America. That should count for something as a mitigating factor, eh? 'What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander' as they say. What matters most in today’s society is to be able to claim victim status so you’ll have a ready made excuse for your thuggish behavior and failures in life.

Besides, prison time didn’t hurt Mike Tyson’s career all that much. The extra street cred for ‘keeping it real’ might give Conor a boost as well.

Conor McGregor posts on social media for first time since UFC 223 media day melee

Dave Chappelle - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong - Vernon Franklin - Uncensored—-vernon-franklin—-uncensored

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Gosh, what must you do to get women to protest you by showing you their tits?

Take that you male chauvinistic pig!

Back at you femi-nazi!

Bill Cosby Confronted By Topless Protester As Retrial Begins

Life in Dindustan Update.

Rebel without a clue.

Boy told police he wanted to feel 'powerful' after listening to rap. But he went too far

Second Mexican War Update.

“The Reservist is twice the citizen.”

Winston Churchill

“Trump then said Thursday that he wants to send between 2,000 and 4,000 guardsmen to the border to keep at bay illegal activities such as drug smuggling until his proposed border wall is built.”

“Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) sent the Guard to the border to help secure it in 2014, and 100 soldiers remain there from that effort.”

“The deployment of a potential 4,000 guardsmen to the border is lower than the 6,000 Guard troops former President George W. Bush sent in 2006 but higher than the 1,200 former President Barack Obama sent in 2010. Both used Title 32.”

Mattis approves sending 4,000 National Guard troops to border

Second Mexican War Update.

“The Left always tells us what they are afraid of.”

-Rush Limbaugh

Proof why Mexico has never been able to field a viable Olympic team: every Mexican who can run, jump or swim is on the American side of the border.

Seriously though folks…I take it that this demonstration is supposed to be some kind of stinging rebuke to God-Emperor Trump. To discourage him from building a border wall, ‘cause SEE… it will never work anyway, so don’t waste your time Ese!’.

However, when the opponents of a border wall work so hard to try to discredit the concept it only serves to prove how afraid they really are that GEOTUS Trump will indeed build a border barrier system that works and keeps out foreign invaders. If your enemy was digging himself into a proverbial hole, wouldn’t you just let him keep digging? Why would you want to talk him out of it and risk diverting him into a pursuing a course of action that might actually work? This is all naught but the time-worn Leftist tactic of seeking to win by intimidation, through public criticism and ridicule. The Left always telegraphs what they are afraid of.

The Globalist Leftist elite in both Mexico and America are very concerned about maintaining a porous border between the two countries. For the Mexican elite it is a vitally important social safety valve that lets discontented Mexicans escape the country, AND send billions of dollars in remittances back home. These remittances have become an even more important source of revenue for Mexico than its domestic oil resources. Therefore the Mexican Government has absolutely no desire to help America secure its southern border.

Build the wall!

Mexican Migrant Scales Border Fence In Under 2 Minutes

Race War / Harm City Update.

Once again laws written by white are having disparate impact on people of color. You just cannot expect people of color to follow the white man’s laws.

Black, Latino caucuses of Maryland legislature oppose comprehensive crime bill

Books For Sale by James LaFond

The Complete Catalog by Lynn Lockhart

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