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So I like to read Rod Dreher's blog on American Conservative magazine. He has a book out called The Benedict Option where he basically talks about what you and I are trying to do with masculine tribes, except he's talking to Christians.

Anyway, he has a new piece out on how SJW bullshit has gotten all the way out to the American Indian—sorry, Native American—sorry, Indigenous—community:

with an excerpt from a tract of high-test bullshit written by, you know, an Indigenous Person.

And then one of the people in the comments section was kind enough to post a picture of the actual Indigenous Person who wrote that bullshit:

and I thought: OF COURSE. He writes like he swallowed a thesaurus and looks like he washed it down with some dick.

Y'all evil white devil colonizers have nothing to worry about. As long as you don't pick up the soap.

-Carbon Mike

Listen to Carbon Mike at:

And after all that doggo hate on your site, and doggo hate in all honors cause its the passion of man to break the beast, a nice doggo story about a nice little doggo that does what he’s supposed to do

-Teutonic Fist

Diamond and Silk

They’re even censoring black conservatives.

-Miss Ezz

I’ll always remember this one. Every time I see bbq sauce I think “urban camouflage” and laugh to myself.

-Tony Cox


Great piece about bare knuckle, James.

Take care.

Big Ron

Harpooning dindus?

Hook to a electric winch, for the whale sized specimens.

Will dindu baiting be legal, pop tarts for bringing in the bears, er, shooting over bait? Locating prime habitat, taking advantage of the rut?

Please get educated about bears…

Why guides in bear country use shotguns with 00 or 000 buck shot.

Zombie raccoons!


It’s Virginia Dare!

The first English child born in the New World in the Roanoke Colony, in what is now North Carolina, in August 1587. She disappeared along with the rest of the English Roanoke colonists, presumably to live among the local Indians. According to legend when she grew to young womanhood she was caught in a love triangle between an Indian warrior and shaman. The spurned shaman cast a magic spell on Virginia turning her into a white doe.

It just shows you that, as always, white women rule the world: everybody else either wants to be with them or look like them.

Rare Blue-Eyed white deer roams Kensington Metropark near Milford MI

He called it pop-folk. This is the quintessential music of the early 21st century American White man.

Sorry for spamming you while you are out of town but this is a very good piece, related to Man Gearing and the podcast I just put up.

See if you can click through and look at the whole thread. Baruch makes an appearance.

John Paul Barber (@JohnPaulBarber) tweeted at 4:25 PM on Sat, Apr 07, 2018:

LOL at all you dumbasses who had a pic of Paul Nehlen as your Twitter avatar last month. Life comes at you fast.



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Cute dad and boy training

Team LomaGGGringo (@BenSotoKarass) tweeted at 4:41 PM on Fri, Apr 06, 2018:

#FBF keep those hands up boy


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Pat Dixon Show

Here is the link but it's behind a paywall.


102 Years

102 years in the heart of Europe

Swedish documentary of Ernst Junger on YouTube.

Apocalyptic IQ

They Will Redeem Us

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

Take Me To Your Breeder: Letters from an Extraterrestrial Anthropologist

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crackerApril 12, 2018 12:18 PM UTC

I like Rod Dreher, too. He seems pretty smart but at times a little baffled by the decay around us. I have read many of his blog posts and I agree with much of what he says but I've not read his book so I don't know exactly what degree of separation he advocates. Best thing to do, in my opinion, is to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. As a believer, I trust that God will take care of me and mine but I'm not a fatalist or pacifist which is why Psalms 144: 1,2 are two of my favorite verses in scripture. I hate to think of a future where it'll be dog-eat-dog but it is what it is and I'm going to defend what He's blessed me with.