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Queer Chicken Dinner
An Unpublished Book by Ron West

I am out of town and was due to put the next installment of Ron West’s Napi Mephisto, and discovered that I brought the wrong flash drive, so am starting Ron’s Queer Chicken Dinner until I get back home.

My Insincere Apologies to the Beat Generation

Was Jack Kerouac a Roman Catholic Church pedophilia wrecking-ball victim?

Do we live in a self-repressed homosexual civilization founded on misogyny & male narcissist archetypes?

Is Allen Ginsberg deserving of being known as the USA's greatest 20th Century poet or degenerate?

Are homosexual predators and neo-con generals two sides of the same coin?

When all is said and done, what is courage?

A rebuttal of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’

Unpublished Draft Manuscript

© 2012 by Ronald Thomas West

This work may be electronically shared for educational and/or critical essay purposes. For profit & mass paper media redistribution prohibited.

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