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Survival Training for Your Woman
What Non Firearms Training is Most Important?

It goes without saying that your woman needs a gun. However, most Americans live in states and municipalities where lethal self-defense is essentially outlawed. Sure, most states may have pro-defense gun laws, but most people live under liberal rule. So, even though she should be able to pack a pistol, chances are she cannot, especially at work. In any case, what the margins of gun-friendly to gun-hostile municipalities are now is a mute point, as the crackdown will come and your guns will be taken away by federal, national and state mercenaries before this century marks the halfway point.

All that aside, chances are you will not be attacked when packing a gun. Attackers do everything they can to avoid attacking gun-armed people.

There is also a deep well of delusion in the American collective that women can punch and kick and grapple with their attackers. You can find boxing footage of top 1% males grappling, boxing and kickboxing below average males successfully. However, your mother, sister, daughter wife is probably not a pro MMA fighters, BKK queen or elite boxer.

Your women need to be handy with a knife and capable of using knife-adapted mobility, which is more defensive than the types of evasion used with punching, kicking or grappling. Knife methods can be used effectively as defensive methods with less lethal weapons and with no weapons as they are mobility-first solutions. It is not often considered that women are at a greater mobility deficit than they are at a body mass deficit against men.

Knives are available in the house and work place, can be carried more widely than guns and their use is more adaptable to empty hand and improvised weapon use than are firearms method. Defensively a hand umbrella works Justas well as a knife, but not as well as a pistol.

Specific Drills

Training that can help a woman prepare to absorb the few highly effective knife-based defenses against a man are:

-Hand checking drills, where you reach for her and she slaps your hand a way while moving off to one side or the other

-Goon surfing drills, where you walk forward and instead of contesting you she pushes off or your shoulder and slides away

-Finger jabbing a hanging sheet of paper with all the slightly bent fingers of the hand snuggly together as a unit.

-Bag checking on a hanging heavy bag is ideal. She pushes it and then waits for it to swing back to her position, practicing stepping and pushing off from the bag from the position where it will come to rest as a slow continuous drill for developing tactile sensitivity. This should be done at an easy pace with attention to not jamming her wrist by shoving the bag too hard.

-Knife practice cuts can be made with a dull training knife or butter knife [wearing goggles] on a hanging rope. She should practice X pattern double cuts primarily, with attention to keeping her elbow as near to her body as possible and accessing the target by stepping, not reaching and moving with every cut. Moving past the target than away from the target is best as she does her double cut. In and out, in and around, around and away are all sequences she should practice.

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BobApril 13, 2018 7:52 PM UTC

"You can find boxing footage of top 1% males grappling, boxing and kickboxing below average males successfully."

I bet they do. Into a pulp, successfully!☺ Females. on the other hand...