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The Second Civilized Notion

This is the one intended to break you with peer pressure. It is contingent on you accepting the notion that you have peers, which is a way of hijacking our masculine desire to emulate, equal or surpass the best men and invert it into a feminine-mimicking desire to fit in with most men. This will initially be sold in an ancient community like Athens or Sparta or Rome by severely limiting the definition of men, of who is a man, by eliminating slaves, along with women and aliens from the circle of peer association.

Eventually this causes social imbalance and rot once the peers have attained power and begin to degenerate while holding privilege, with honor vested first in deeds, then in ancestry, then in accumulated wealth, inviting a feral masculine eruption from below and often an authentic invasion from without, as the civilization in question bares its throat to cruel Fate.

The fact that you “should” abide by certain laws, do certain things, own certain items, simply to be regarded as someone worthy of association, brings upon the culture of the mask, in which the most powerful operate behind puppets, employing armies of imposters and cloaking themselves in banality even as their minions cloak themselves in benevolence. Warrior societies sometimes have masked societies or festivals. The ancient Romans had the Saturnalia, a party of role reversal and social shuffling for a short seasonal period. The old Iroquois used to have false face dances in which unmasked people were asked to guess the alter ego of the masked celebrant. This was done in association with a purity festival involving a white dog or wolf pelt, hinting at a purpose of social purification.

However, in order to destroy masculine notions, belief in individual agency and warriorhood, which are all preconditions of heroism, it is necessary to descend from faith to ideology, from priest to politician, from warrior to soldier. Once the warrior has been made into a slave [which is the very definition of a nationalized soldier] it is then possible to elevate all slaves and slave-minded people to peer status, effectively erasing the distinction of superior men, devaluing masculinity.

This process, at the core of the toxic notion of democracy, causes rampant criminality, as individual agency and masculine merit associations and true interpersonal loyalty can only take place outside of the state structure. Peerage is only an effective elevating social mechanism when it is restricted. By giving peer status to slave-minded people to associate within the body politic as supposedly free folk with an entirely false “voice” in governance the only place for masculine agency will be crime. For this reason bandits of the Depression Era, which saw the final formation of our managerial order, received wide public support, a support for crime that is once again elevating as what a person “SHOULD” believe, do and accept continues to drift further from his self-interest, family well-being and even the social survival of his type: human distinctions from religious, racial, ethnic, national, familial, gender, spirituality and ultimately to individual personality, all now falling under the guise of “SHOULD” as an ever-broadening ideal of supplication intended to erase both who and what we are.

I suspect, that the natural sense of this has triggered ennui and self-destruction in most previous civilized peoples, as well as inviting the more keenly sensing savages on the margins and in the bowels of every nation to make of decadence a feast.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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