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Fighting Blind
By Fred Beare

James and Clued, whom I am getting to like more each day, discuss eye problems, such as myopia and fighting, here:

James makes helpful suggestions for dealing with this. I will add that for advanced Wing Chun practitioners, so long as contact occurs, one does not really need to see at all. Chi Sao, or sticky hands produces contact reflects, where you can simply feel your opponent. It takes about two years to really get good at this.

I have trained on this for getting onto forty years now and can fight blindfolded, with hand contact. Any good advanced practitioner should be able to do this.

Here is a quick routine for people who do not want to spend much time. Sit on the floor next to a partner, blindfolded. The rule is to contact both hands at all times for the prose of the game. Now try and snake your hands through the defense and contact the partner’s chest. The other guy defends. Before you know it, most of the classical Wing Chun hand formations (e.g. bong sao, rising elbow deflection, taun sao, palm up deflection), will be replicated.

There, that should save you guys a few thousand dollars in training fees!

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