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Happy Birthday Jim Bowie!
By Fred Beare

April 10, 1796, is one proposed birthdate for American frontier man Jim Bowie, who gained fame as a knife fighter, died at the Battle of the Alamo, and was creator (or originator) of the legendary Bowie knife, made even more famous by this iconic scene in Crocodile Dundee:

Yep, that is a knife. For men over the age of 18 suffering from low T, “soy boy” syndrome, purchase of a Bowie knife is just the thing to put lead back in your pencil.

Two great champions of the Bowie knife as the ultimate close range melee weapon, are James Keating and Bill Bagwell. Bagwell’s book is excellent, and I have read it so many times that soon I will need a new one. And, there are many great videos on YouTube of James Keating doing his stuff, making the deadly art of fighting with a huge hunk of steel look easy. But, it is not. Their core theme is get a big fucking knife, keep it sharp.

I particularly like the material on the back cut, where the tip of the Bowie, especially if it curves up a bit, becomes a real flesh destroyer, the geometry of destruction.

Many more videos by these great guys are on YouTube, so view them before even this stuff is banned by the limp dicks who control thought.

If Bowies are like dicks, and bigger is better, then the confederate D-guard Bowie would be the most bad assed of all these fine weapons, and history shows that it was feared on the battlefield with our Southern guys slashing away. The blades were longer than the standard frontier-style Bowie, some about 18 inches.

It seems to me that the ultimate fighting knife then would not be a knife as such, but a sword/knife hybrid, like the Wing Chun butterfly knives, crossed with the D-guard Bowie. The Wing Chun knives are usually choppers or stabbers, and seldom combine both elements in a harmonious blend:

Reworked, a giant D-guard Bowie, combined with the thinker, smooth ears for blade spinning, and the hybrid sword/knife would be just the thing for close encounters of the bladed kind, such as train fights and last stands, better than the kukri I dare say:

Anyone out there interested in making this product?

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BobApril 16, 2018 11:09 PM UTC

A big knife will bring risk of prosecution in many jurisdictions, as well as being hard to conceal from its target. As per the LaFond chronicles, most violence is ambushing. A push-dagger in the right spot could be lethal. It's not size that counts, but ability and attitude.