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How A Man-Based Voting System Could Minimize the Evils of Democracy

“Okay, James, you say civilization is evil and democracy is unworkable. But, realistically, democratic forms of government will persist, at least in what is left of the West. So, suppose for a minute that we White Nationalists get our own state to live in, and we call you in to advise us on governmental structure, what would you leave us with by way of an outline before you shuffled off back to your mongrel-loving negro-pond.”


Ah, the Dreaming West and her slumberous notions of paradise…

Jase, thank you so much for that vote of confidence.

I believe that democracy has an inherent human appeal because it is a prehistoric, tribal social mechanism. Essentially our form of government mimics the masculine tribal structure:

Chief = president

Warriors = legislature

Judiciary = shaman, priests, etc.

The problem with democracy is it puts false power in the hands of those with no tangible stake in state policy, and that power is coopted by the oligarchy, which is the natural civilized ruling class, those who possess surplus goods and land. In a democracy or representative republic masquerading as a democracy, the “chief” a man with temporary, absolute war powers, is transmuted into a mere puppet. When he clips his strings and takes agency unto himself [for good or ill], he is marginalized like Carter or Trump or done away with like JFK or Nixon.

So, Jase, knowing that women are subject to oligarchy-sponsored media scare tactics to support almost anything, including the slaughter of millions and the death of their sons in wars of greed and dispossession, women must be denied the vote in any society determined to serve its own moral, spiritual and material purposes rather than simply serving the Oligarchy, which is now a global class and has no interest in the concerns of any conceivable spiritual, moral, geographic or ethnic based community.

Each man gets one vote:

+10 if under arms

+5 if honorably retired from arms

+1 for every notable military deed

+1 for every notable civic deed [charity, church building, etc.]

The idea of the above is to preserve honor in society, an ideal which is only maintained among men in warrior societies and is unknowable to the vast majority of women.

+5 if married

+2 for each child

+1 for non-blood dependents like adopted children, mother-in-law, additional wives, etc.

The idea of the above is to make the human family and household the central voting unit.

+1 if he is a property owner

+1 if he is a business owner

+1 for every person he employs


Military commanders have direct influence and should not be given expanded votes, but be subject to the vote of their men, the best of whom will accrue additional voting clout through deeds.

One for instance you could consider is the motivation to care for women and children and the homeless would be the accumulation of political clout. This model would provide a high level of in-group charity exceeding that of postmodern families.

If I Were King: This Guy Would Handle the Details

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CluedApril 18, 2018 5:41 PM UTC

Sam J has read my mind.

Unfortunately, as a practical solution this idea is dead before it can get off the ground, for any mention of qualified voting brings charges of jim crowism or bigotry against the poor.

Nassim Taleb calls it "skin in the game", and I wonder if the lack of it is a major factor for all the problems we have.
Sam J.April 17, 2018 12:55 AM UTC

This is it. The actual points to be gained or attributes required for voter participation can be argued over but not the principle that you should have something in the game being played. Democracies fail because they forget that. "Representative" Democracies with "qualified" voters are some of the longest living stable governments that there have been.

If we were to do this and still guarantee that 50% of the voters would be eligible to vote in 10 years or less we could clean this mess up. Not perfection as there is no such thing, but improvement all across the board.
Jeremy BenthamApril 16, 2018 10:28 AM UTC

“If women were no longer allowed to vote, there would never be another Democrat elected to Congress.”

-Ann Coulter