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Women's Suffering and Suffrage
Crackpot Podcast Ep 31

James and Lynn discuss the condition of women through history, from stone age societies, to the ancients and to the current day, GDP uber alles.

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, a legendary expert on frails, and Lynn Lockhart, reportedly a human female.

0:02:40 Today's topic, the history of the feminine condition

0:04:00 White Devil, kidnapping

0:10:34 Male to female ratios

0:13:05 The woman as a beast of burden, Rwanda Rousey

0:15:00 Equality and overlapping roles removes autonomy from women; child rearing, agriculture

0:20:40 Runaways from civilization

0:22:30 Magellan's crew trying to go native, native women's strategies

0:26:48 Other stone age cultures, Neanderthals

0:32:04 Bantu expansion & Capoid people

0:38:10 Women in Islamic societies, A Dread Grace

0:42:52 Nathan Bedford Forrest

0:45:15 Why are women leaders more belligerent?

0:55:51 Slavery myth, gaining favor from queens

1:00:40 Cruelty and power

1:04:36 Women and GDP

1:09:47 Washing machines

1:12:35 End women's suffrage!

1:15:40 Family as hostages and debt as bondage

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LynnApril 22, 2018 2:54 PM UTC

You are most welcome, Sam!
Sam J.April 19, 2018 12:10 AM UTC

This was one of your best. Very informative.

Great you read the "Little House" books. I used to read those as a kid.

Thanks for doing all this Lynn and James.