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In These Goings Down

US Special Forces celebrity Tim Kennedy yearns for heroic leadership.


1) Not sure if you've heard of Edward Luttwak, but he has some interesting ideas (and an interesting, though murky, biography. How much of the murk is self-generated is open for discussion.) Some videos I thought you'd like:

2) If you remember John Taylor Gatto, he wrote some interesting stuff about education. Here's Jordan Peterson name-checking him in a conversation with Molyneux:



If you want to watch yourself, you can use my email address to sign in. The password is [deleted]

Save the $8.95. You kicked ass on there. Motherfucker got jokes! Was fun to watch. You’re a psychopath, the degree of confidence you show on camera. You had the air of one who has already figured out how to kill everyone in the room.

I drank about 3 forties of mickeys this morning and finished proofreading Mangearing. There’s a lot of original ideas and observations in that book, shit that left me questioning what I think I know.

I wrote that piece about the crazy guy this morning, had it all perfect, really liked it, and then deleted it by mistake. What I sent you was an even drunker shell of what I originally wrote.

I would really like to write that novella with you. Tonight while I drive I’ll be thinking of possible outlines.

Tony Cox

Please see the link below; this will take you to my newest blog entry, which I just posted a few hours ago.

Have a great weekend,

Brian Jewell

More on what were up against overseas

Carbon Mike

Thanks James. I go to your website every few days and have enjoyed your writing.

BTW I've never been in a street fight. All my fighting has been in dojos or tournaments. I'm in my 60's and still practice tai chi every day., but haven't done any hard style stuff for years.

While I have you here, let me recommend to you Allan Odnash's Paper Tigers. He's a Pennsylvania based Hung Gar/White Crane instructor who has written about what he thinks is wrong with the way martial arts are taught.


This blog I frequent has been writing a lot lately about what they call world war G. Feminism, it's problems and what we can do about it. Thought you might be interested.

Hi James,

It was nice meeting you today!

Thanks for chatting with me.

Come visit again!

-Liz, Compound Media's-River.html


When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

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BobApril 18, 2018 9:38 PM UTC

And with this, a trifecta of Robinson lies and bad faith. He can't even be straightforward and honest with his recently-forged allies of Islamic moderates.
BobApril 18, 2018 9:35 PM UTC

Stephen Christopher Yaxley, aka Tommy Robinson, English (inter)"nationalist":
BobApril 18, 2018 8:39 PM UTC

@ Carbon Mike:

Tommy Robinson is one of many faux nationalists, little more than an actor. He's not against mass non-European immigration per se, only against Islam, and his m.o. is not productive even in that. His backers have an agenda hostile to native Britons.