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The Fable of the Boars
And Yellowstone! There She Blows! By American Psycho

Fuck yeah, if Aeslop’s Fables can work with animals, then by the bejesus, so can your favorite insane son:

Probably building a fence will not stop the wild disease-carrying boar getting into Poland and fucking over local swine. Some authorities recommend mass shooting of the dirty fuckers, before they attack local piggies with their razor sharp viruses:

“All the fence could do is just keep the disease within our own borders,” Doctor Podgorski, told Tok FM, a Polish radio station.

In January, a German minister backed calls to drastically cull the number of wild boars to prevent an outbreak of the fever, amid similar concerns about the pork industry. The German farmers’ association called for 70 per cent of the country’s wild boars to be culled – including sows and their newborn piglets.

In France, a rocketing local boar population in some areas has led to the destruction of pastures used for dairy cows. The situation got so bad that farmers in January called for culls as the production of France's Munster cheese was in peril.”

Way to go.

Yellowstone! There She Blows!

Maybe, just maybe if I pray harder to the Indian gods, whose names I do not know, Yellowstone will cum:

“MORE than 20 police, fire and rescue vehicles descended upon the area around Yellowstone supervolcano this week to prepare for what could be a “life or death” emergency.

Yellowstone National Park Public Affairs confirmed that there could be a supervolcano eruption imminently - and that they were putting themselves through their paces so that they were ready for any eventuality.

Spokesman Morgan Warthin said: “Every opportunity like this, every training opportunity reveals both where our strengths are.

“But also how we can improve.”

But, they are piddling down our legs:

 “An eruption would have 2,500 times the force of Mt. Saint Helens in 1980.

 Would be larger than any nuclear bomb ever tested.

 The eruption would blast 240 cubic miles of rock, dust and volcanic ash into the sky. This would spread throughout the world and lower global temperatures by up to 28 degrees for years.

 620 cubic miles of lava would flow out of the volcano. This is equivalent to coating the entire United States in 5 inches of lava.

 States surrounding Yellowstone would be wiped off the map (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah).”

The US has become so rotten that some event like this is needed to clean things up and wake people out of their dream. However, the real pity is that Yellowstone is not under Wall Street, or Hollywood (expect indirect collapse effects). Anyway, when the Deep State get their nuke war, maybe Vlad the lad will not forget them.

Too fucking late, Musky.

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rogerApril 18, 2018 8:45 PM UTC

I've nephews who enjoy hunting wild or feral boars in the wilds of east texas (they get paid for dead ones!). I remember hearing of some fool importing breeding pairs of wild russian boars about 45 years ago but it's possible razorbacks are still extant.

You're right nothing will stop will stop them.