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Two Daughters
A Puerto Rican and a Black Father Fight Against the 2 Greatest White Lies

Nestor is a New Yorican, a guy who once ran the streets of Brooklyn as a violent youth, but now has a wife, daughter and an office job. He has coached his daughter on the evils of the government so that she does not trust her government teachers. In recent months her teachers have organized marches against gun ownership and she has declined to march and has stayed in class despite being lectured and yelled at for being filled with enough hate to support gun ownership. Two other students who attempted to resist indoctrination have been physically dragged out of their seats and forced to march against gun ownership. Nestor’s daughter has not been touched, which has kept him out of prison. It’s a salient fact that unless a child has a father whose ethnicity suggests he is likely to kill a teacher for touching his child, that she is physically unsafe at the hands of her state-employed abductors. That her young mind is in constant peril in the state indoctrination facility is a forgone conclusion for any free-thinking person.

Randy is a black engineer from Baltimore who also teaches at a local college. He has a daughter with his former wife, who is a member of an affluent Caucasian ethnicity which shall not be named for this author’s own safety. Randy texted me that he was near violence, ready to go do harm to someone. In answer to his urgent text, I stepped outside of The Park Slope Ale House to speak with him and talk him down from not choking out a substitute teacher at his daughter’s private school. I counseled him to use his guilt status as a black and his academic status as a teacher to speak to the school administrator in diplomatic tones. I also suggested he praise his daughter for snitching on the psycho-teacher.

So what angered Randy so?

Randy’s young daughter was in class when a substitute teacher went off the lesson plan and began teaching about the great sin of all white people, that blacks were enslaved and tortured because of their race. Randy’s daughter resisted the indoctrination, as he has taught her that blacks are not an inferior slave race but can achieve whatever they want.

The teacher then began showing pictures of a gruesome sort, of black slave injuries. One girl averted her eyes. The teacher then told her to look at the photo and she declined. The teacher then yelled at and berated the girl—a student of bout 10—for not facing the sin of her people. The girl still averted her eyes. The teacher then grabbed the girl’s head in one hand and turned her face forcefully to look at the picture.

Randy wanted to kill this teacher, but he’s going to negotiate with the principal instead.

If you are a second amendment person, you better not expect to be able to defend yourself with a gun in your old age. For once these students get into the voting ranks, they will vote to disarm the remnants of your nation. The potion of submission has been made. It need only ferment in the indoctrinated mind casks which carry it forward into time. You better buy some archery equipment before the regulations for firearms are applied to bows and arrows, as they will be as soon as firearms ownership is outlawed in the U.S. sometime around 2030.

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BobApril 19, 2018 7:57 PM UTC

Ooops! [...]the USSR would have collapsed very quickly had it not been persistently supported by Free World powers.
AnonymousApril 19, 2018 7:55 PM UTC

Above all, this is a play for the hearts and minds. If a "white consciousness" emerges broadly, and the increasingly shrill anti-white rhetoric and policy makes that almost certain, then taxpayers will become less engaged with the System, which survives on begrudging cooperation or at least not resistance.

Slavery is highly unproductive, terror more so. The USSR
BobApril 18, 2018 8:14 PM UTC

Bravo for these two guys. The élite despise them as much as they do white Americans of European stock.
BobApril 18, 2018 8:10 PM UTC

Whites won't survive multi-ethnic democracy. When whites realize this en masse, the battle is half won. No war can be won if not first in the mind.
LaManoApril 18, 2018 11:39 AM UTC

I can help you with one misconception that you have.

I, along with about 25 to 50 million like me, will

(A) Either be able to defend ourselves with guns in our old age


(B) I, and very many that I will take with me, will not HAVE an old age.

Study up a little bit on how absolutely impossible it will be to disarm the American public ... there are more of us out there than you think.

"What are you going to do, fight the military with your home-owned guns?" That's generally from people who don't know anyone in the military. I know which way the military's weapons will be pointed if some Progressive loon tells them to "go take the guns" .... !

Never fear about the "able to defend" part!
responds:April 19, 2018 12:54 PM UTC

They don't have to disarm us. All they need to do is pass laws and seat judges [like in Maryland] that will imprison us for using guns to defend ourselves. This will be seen in South Africa first. When Boers finally defend themselves against the purge there, film will go out of a dead black and U.S. special ops troops will be hunting whites in South Africa like big game with world news sanction. Then it will happen here. National Guard will not be sent to take us down one at a time, but former Navy SEALs working as contractors under dark alphabet soup agencies FBI, CIA, ATF, etc.,

Main line military, reserve and guard units will not be used to disarm us, but contractors, not all of them American. Most importantly, it will only be done individually after we use a gun. There will be a time when we have a Ruby Ridge a week, then a day, and it will shock the TV millions no more than the drug raids on blacks in cities conducted now. This is one reason for the immigration, to remove empathy for you and I.