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Fight Club – Yardstick of Civilization
Myth of the 20th Century

Thanks for coming on, James,

-Adam Smith

This past Sunday afternoon I joined Adam, Nick, Hans, Hank and Alex for a walk through the text and subtext of the 1990s counter culture movie Fight Club, which I never would have seen had not these men suggested it. I think that all of us came away from this discussion with a better understanding of the subject. This discussion demonstrates the masculine ideal of idea-building as opposed to the feminine ideal of debate as a superior form of discourse.

As always, it was an honor to be part of a mind-quest embarked on by men of a better generation than the herd of human swine I was birthed into.


Feminine debate versus masculine idea-building. Interesting dichotomy.. All I can say is women seem to color within the lines more than men, and produce variations on a theme. Men take more chances and produce more trash and works of genius as a result. Is this useful? I don't know. But I do think our society needs a shake on the old etch-e-sketch.


Fight Club – Yardstick of Civilization

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Mike_CApril 20, 2018 8:43 PM UTC

Re Iron John. I knew a guy who was engaged to author Robert Bly's daughter (or a niece with the surname Bly, I forget which). This guy was so impressed with "the good that Robert is doing for masculinity" that he resolved to take "Bly" as his married surname (i.e. take his wife's name). This was a tall, good looking, fairly well-built fellow, as it happens, but this guy exuded the opposite of, say, Dante.

FWIW my reaction to Iron John was about the same as yours. (But I admit I never bothered to read the book, so it might be more fair to say that the Drumming Circles sounded like homoerotic claptrap to me; can't say about the book.) Also FWIW, I'm not particularly in favor of a woman taking her husband's surname (call me agnostic about it), but I'm not in favor of a man taking his wife's surname.
responds:April 21, 2018 7:10 PM UTC

The book put me to sleep many times.

Nice story, Mike.

Sam J.April 19, 2018 1:59 AM UTC

I loved fight club. The first time I saw it I was...a little confused. Only after watching a few times did I appreciate it.

I think the analysis you guys did miss the a major point. They destroyed the databases of the corporations. I see the whole movie as a strike against the Oligarchs. All the beginning is just a winnowing out those that will not do what is necessary.

12 Monkeys one of my favorite movies of all time.