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Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Crump
By Lucas McKane

Here is Alex Jones having a “fuck Trump” meltdown, great stuff, Oscar-winning acting, but it should have been done a year ago. How long does it take for Alt Right types, especially the young ones who have weak fathers and are looking for a “daddy,” to wake up?

Trump could have got out of the gas hysteria by saying that Congress needs to consider the issue, then the UN Security fuck holes, as Russia pointed out:

If he had any neurons functioning, he could have seen this. But, then there is his sexual exploits and the dirt uncovered by the FBI:

Fucking some porno star is not a crime, and giving her money to shut her pussy lips, is not either. We know Trump liked to bang away, just like Billy the goat Clinton. Bill went on plane trips to a happy island, apparently, and Trump is woven into the story, it is alleged by various sources. Remember this shit:

Malicious rumor or fact? Only the Deep State knows. Personally, even if all this amounts to nothing, Trump is still a Deep State man, and I remember what my grand pop said: “don’t you ever trust those rich cunts boy, ‘cause they will sell you out for a mess of pottage”:

Yes, it is our line that there is no political solution, or at least a conventional one. Nevertheless, it was fun putting Trump in, as useless and treacherous as he is, just to ram it up the libtards. Therefore, I think that it is time to counter both him, and the coming Dumorat colored female presidential candidate, with a white woman with huge lady testicles, like Queen Ann Coulter. Look, the Left see her as America’s most hated woman, so that must be good:

And, if you don’t want to see false news/photoshopped/CGI don’t gooooooogle “Ann Coulter nude/ cocks/etc.” I would bang her if had the chance, which could be an election erection slogan. Still beautiful, with brains. And, it would fuck over libtard brains for a second time, neutralize the we need a women president crap etc. etc. Sure, it may not do anything else, but, so what? This is, after all, the fall of the West. Let’s enjoy the decline, with a few laughs as we die.

Therefore, do it just for the hell of it. Email Queen Ann now!

PS: of course nothing will happen, and the Trumpapocalypse will mean that whites crawl off with their legs between their tails as usual. Plan Z is now operative. Pray for nuclear war. Hope that these cunts get into it with gusto! Take out everything. As many at this site have been arguing, a post-apocalyptic environment will not be so bad, and it will be fun being a barbarian until radiation poisoning from runaway nuclear power stations going supernova, turns us into the walking dead. How is that worse than what we have now, a slow death in an air-conditioned nightmare? At least there will be no more of this bs:

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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Sam J.April 20, 2018 8:38 AM UTC

I don't think Drump is deep state. I think he's just compromised. I'm guessing it's washed cash for the Russian mob or underage girls or some combination of the above. I think his instincts are generally good and if he felt he could get away with it he would be good for the US but...he's afraid of what could happen. If you were paying attention he was all blood and guts until RIGHT AFTER the election. Then he suddenly got a stricken look. The exact same look that Sessions got. I know Sessions. He's never looked like that before. I think they came to Trump and showed him some movies or financial data and told him to behave. That's when they moved in all these pieces of shit cabinet members. Maybe Sessions was told his family would be killed. I think it's a bit of a Texas stand off. Trump visibly chafes under this kind of control. He really hates it and I bet if he could find enough to take these people on he would waste the whole bunch and burn down the ground they stand on. He seems to be trying to do that. It's wishy washy because he can't outright arrest them unless he really has the whole bunch over the barrel and they can't come out with their dirt or he could unleash a shit storm on them. Stand off.

"...white woman with huge lady testicles, like Queen Ann Coulter..."

Only if God truly favored us. I'm afraid it's too much to ask for. Ann would lay waste to them if she was not killed. She would be at the top of President. Maybe the best ever in history.
BobApril 20, 2018 12:15 AM UTC

Alex Jones is arguably the second most successful controlled opposition agent sponsored by the System. Gold goes to Julian Assange, but they pitch to different audiences. Jones to the less, Assange to the more sophisticated.