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We the Cozened
The Checkered Demon on Our Deep State Imp Lords

In the creep-show that passes for news in our time, the most awfully creepy cops ever spoil my stomach for belief in anything much out of Washington. They're tall, most of them, and you can tell they've used that, leaning in and looming. Intimidating like a Portuguese priest nosing out a Jew escaping the Inquisition to Amsterdam.

In the case of ex-agent Comey, that's not that bad an analogy as he was schooled by Jesuits, who are the Catholic CIA. When a Jesuit schooled anybody starts talking morality or honor with a side of truth, be aware and alert. When they weep in public whilst avowing, well, see exhibit 1, the current Pope. The more that big wimp blathers, the better I like it. He offends the very air he hogs with his lies. Other men's hands interest him, and Obama's hands charmed him.

Super Agent Muller is another big one, sort of a cross between Lurch and Deputy Dawg. He's said to be a paragon of integrity and honor, commanded an Infantry company back in the Nam for goodness sakes. No Infantry commander was duplicitous or evil that I ever heard of, you?

So he sent a few honest people down in error. It was an honest error or two that he regrets each and every night, sipping venom with his good Bud Comey. Fighting for the cause like all the rest of these plants.

What's a God-Emperor to do with these rancid old Boomers trying to take him out? It will take a mighty light to cook out the truth, for it's not just Democrats that will be outed. Republicans have been cozened as well. We could all name a few, but none of us know the extent of the rot. A lot of upright and reasonable men missed a payday when the Don face-planted the sad Hillary thing at her coronation. They're missing their grease and fearing for their futures. Those gigs on K street helping China might not be there if they're exposed as easy lays, and those trophy wives ain't cheap.

I liked Rand Paul's idea of exposing the shenanigans, by declassifying the FISA documents and presenting them to the public with no redacted names, one at a time with the Don showing why he'll make America straight again. "No nation on earth is as open as us! No nation as free with the truth as us. We've been lied to for a long time, folks. They're lying to us now, and have been for a long, long time. But we decided to stop the liars and air their lies. They hate us, but they fear us too, for the truth is with us. They decided to lie a long, long time ago."

Some have likened Trump to a Mafia Don. They mean to demean, but I never could glean the downside there. Of course he acts like a Mafia Don! Unlike all those twinkle-farts in DC, he's had to deal with real gangsters his whole life. Try building a casino sometime. I recall Dons acting all patriotic and stuff during WW2, keeping Nazis off the docks and things about Sicily. In short, it just might take something of a gangster to break this criminal enterprise down into manageable pieces. The FBI is certainly out of the crime control business. The CIA is writing the war plan. The NSA might be straight, but the massive troves of data are beginning to form opinions of their own. Breed into other data. There are reasons Russian spooks have rediscovered paper and radio.

Odd times, and probably dangerous too if you're given to running off at the mouth about it. Nobody's bored though. Too much happening.


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