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‘A Nigga Like Me’
Drug Inc. As Urban Comedy

With such ebonic quotes as “How many niggas in da house?” the only “trooff” a cracka watchin’ Netflix TV is gonna get, is from Drugs Inc. and other such documentaries. Drugs Inc is great because most of the talking is done by criminals, some by cops and some by the narrator. The criminals are never judged harshly and seem the most eager and most truthful. The cops are much more cagey, letting the viewer know who the law is really looking at the closest.

The first episode I viewed with Mister and Mrs. Rich was “The Methadone Mile” about the drug trade in Boston and a nearby shithole Dominican town. Most of the consumers are Caucasian suicides and the drug trade is dominated by “The Dominicans” a breed of Latin Mulatto a cut above the Ricans when it comes to organization. They use Ricans to operate on the street and only wholesale to blacks, which they do not trust at all. In Boston and environs the blacks have been pushed to the bottom of the drug world, dealing the lowest quality mind altering agents in the lowest trust environment.

Cut to Memphis.

Let’s back up.

I every city, when the Drug Inc. guys come in to do their interviews, the Latino players mask up like Mexican wrestlers and talk about business and loyalty and duty and expanding the market.

Conversely, the black players pose with their guns and talk about how “rough shit is out hea”!

Yeah, Mo, when you make stupid choices life is rough!

In Memphis, the first video pose is on the Mississippi, within a mile of Graceland, outside a low income brownstone housing complex with like 20 homeboys wearing Jesse James bandana masks and holding what looks like an ISIS small arms shipment.

Mister Rich looked at that and said, “Holy shit,” then thinks to himself, “I wonder if the dialect will be the same. Are they going to say heroin or heron like every other black guy in every other city?”

The answer is… “Heron! Niggas up in hea be steppin’ all ova dey heron!”

Drugs Inc. has become a comedy I can share with my wealthy millennial housemates. The best part is when these ghetto-ass drug dealers start reeling off quantities and cuts, pricing and then throw out a number as to their profit and Mister Rich, a consultant for government contractors, does the math along with him, and says, “That idiot just miscalculated himself out of forty percent!”

And I’ll say something like, “Imagine the success you could have marketing advice to these guys, they’d keep your ass locked in a mansion like comic book Nazis holding onto the Lost Ark!”

Then we find out that the ride along cop has been shot. Indeed most of the Memphis cops are black and they all say, “Heron!”

Memphis once processed 500 kilos of cocaine per month. But since the big king pin got run to ground, it’s a mess, with heroin making inroads to “pull up the slack.”

The overriding theme is that coke pushes out pot and heroin pushes out coke, lab made compounds push out or bump of heroin, mostly because of interdiction efforts that are more successful the less potent the drug is. The most successful drugs are phentynal, PCP and Meth, which are high potency low bulk compounds. It is so sickeningly obvious that the Drug War is driving distribution of ever more potent drugs to ever more eager thugs, in the ever-escalating quest to exterminate the Caucasian American race.

Having seen a dozen episodes of Drugs Inc. now I like it as tragi-comedy at the same time it paints the best picture of changing American demographics. Wherever “white” suburbanites live their insatiable desire for intoxicants brings armies of Latino thugs to displace or supply or manage the retarded ghetto retailers of today, to reshape tomorrow into an ever more robust narcostate.

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ShepApril 23, 2018 7:39 PM UTC

James—excellent post.

Tony—I reluctantly agree. If there is to be a future for us and our posterity, it will look like Duterte, Franco, or Pinochet. Physical removal of negative elements, a mandatory Civilian Conservation Corps for our unemployable personnel (no work, no eat), and a Putinesque Youth Army to mold and control the Next Gen.

(This wasn't far off from the way La Sierra High School did it in the '60's.)

Doing things the Nice Guy way has exceeded its design limits.
Tony CoxApril 20, 2018 4:00 AM UTC

After reading this, I watched an episode, the Portland episode on season 5, I think it was. I was surprised how accurate it was. The cops calling the county jail “the penalty box” since everyone gets out in 3 minutes, the illegal Mexicans being the top of the supply chain, and the general all around shittiness of the addicts, the show even called out the city’s liberal policies as being the driving force behind the hordes of homeless dope zombies. I hate to say it, but I think our boy in the Philippines, Dueterte might actually be doing good work. Kill all the drug users now, and make a better world for your grandchildren.