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Demands African Moral Superiority in America

I had recent conversations with Luke Ford, Adam Smith and others about the possibility of black and white Americans living in harmony. As to the question is it possible?

Yes, it is totally possible. I lived in perfect harmony with a black woman who I was not fucking for 7 years. I can give many other stories to make the case for possibility. However, the probability of this has slipped through our fingers and has passed to the other side, to impossibility.

In a traditional tribal setting, people who cannot get along split off and form another tribe. The study of Native Americans is largely the study of this voluntary separation. The current ideal that there was one Native American people is entirely our own civilized construct, which has zero basis in reality. The ancient Native Americans all denied that they were one unified brotherhood, especially in the face of a common enemy.

There is something else that Native Americans observed truthfully, that African Americans do not have a distinct tribal culture, but are the lesser brothers of the Whiteman, speaking his language, praying to his Hebrew God, sharing his blood, seeking forever to share the scraps from the Whiteman’s table. It is a fact that ghetto neighborhoods empty of blacks as soon as whites leave entirely, then the blacks follow their host society and Latinos and Asians or white gentrification pioneers move in. The fact that African Americans lived under European American hegemony for centuries and that they all share European parentage, predominantly paternal genes, has made them the ideal knights [recall that knights were pillaging thugs] of the Postmodern Moral Feudalism.

Currently African Americans come in three types according to the rough percentages below:

1%: Separatists, who want to live away from European Americans [and I cannot blame them for seeking separation from the earth’s most sissy culture]

10%: Mind slaves who wish to live according to European American standards either through merit or guilt, gaining a place in the Euro-American hierarchy.

90%: Body slaves who hate whites but are unable to live without them and relate to whites as a parasitic subculture of the greater American Civilization, which is the most decadent of all civilizations.

Where tribal societies would separate, civilized societies use force to subjugate dissident elements and enslave or exterminate those elements. The tool for enslavement, from Caucasian Egypt’s Sudanese slaves, to Athens’ Skythian police, to the Nordic Praetorians of the late Roman Empire, to the Janissaries of the Ottoman Empire to the Swiss Guard of Rome, the Hessians of King George and now military contractors around the world, have always been ethnically estranged peoples, like the Norman knights who ruled England or the Anglo-Irish who ruled Ireland. All States must use the minority to oppress the majority or the slave matrix will fail to perpetuate.

I noticed in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, last week that one only sees significant black populations with and near white majorities. Black minorities in New York and Baltimore are not tolerated in Latino or Asian enclaves. In the U.S. Latinos have their own media. Blacks and whites do not. Blacks and whites consume the exact same food, and the same sports, broadcast, cable and digital media, from news to music.

Yes, I heard that joke about fried chicken—take another look at Colonel Sanders.

Today news was afoot about two black men who refused to make a purchase in a Starbucks but also refused to leave. The manager and police were castigated as racists for doing what everyone would agree should be done to me if I sit in a coffee shop and refuse to make a purchase. Elite whites have lined up to champion their foot soldiers and working whites—and those few elite whites clinging to a sense of ethnic identity are somehow outraged?

Remembering those signs in every eatery and coffee shop I have entered in my slave life, which dictate that bathrooms are for patrons only, I realize that sign is not for my sissy master or his ebony overseer, but for me, his two-legged, white dog.

American Whiteman, you are an owned slave of the elite of your own race and their enforcers are the ebony goon squads, which have been set loose to hunt us in the streets of America for these past three years. This is the same solution that the elite of every civilization has used to enslave their productive elements: by setting an idol, violent, alienated minority in a position of privilege, the privilege to collect taxes, rob, rape, beat and loiter, where the worker class are not permitted to do so, chained by fear, fated to toil and cringe throughout their unfree, and quintessentially civilized, years.

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