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Anglo-Saxon Resistance in 2030?
A Postmodern Rifleman Takes the Doomsaying White Devil to Task on Gun Ownership

Concerning the final paragraph of Two Daughters

I can help you with one misconception that you have.

I, along with about 25 to 50 million like me, will

(A) Either be able to defend ourselves with guns in our old age


(B) I, and very many that I will take with me, will not HAVE an old age.

Study up a little bit on how absolutely impossible it will be to disarm the American public ... there are more of us out there than you think.

"What are you going to do, fight the military with your home-owned guns?" That's generally from people who don't know anyone in the military. I know which way the military's weapons will be pointed if some Progressive loon tells them to "go take the guns" .... !

Never fear about the "able to defend" part!


Thanks for the food for thought.

They don't have to disarm us. All they need to do is pass laws and seat judges [like in Maryland] that will imprison us for using guns to defend ourselves. This will be seen in South Africa first. When Boers finally defend themselves against the purge there, film will go out of a dead black and U.S. special ops troops will be hunting whites in South Africa like big game with world news sanction. Then it will happen here. National Guard will not be sent to take us down one at a time, but former Navy SEALs working as contractors under dark alphabet soup agencies.

Main line military, reserve and guard units will not be used to disarm us, but contractors, not all of them American. Most importantly, it will only be done individually after we use a gun. There will be a time when we have a Ruby Ridge a week, then a day, and it will shock the TV millions no more than the drug raids on blacks in cities conducted now. The drug war against black dealers has served the purpose of making Americans callous about other Americans having their doors kicked in. This is one reason for the immigration, to remove empathy for you and I.

Here is a scenario:

Joe Christian defends his farm outside of Hagerstown Maryland with is 12-gauge, winging one home invader in the thigh and killing the other. Joe Christian calls local law enforcement and gives a statement. He soon has armed men in his house. He is disarmed voluntarily and his house is a crime scene one way or the other.

Before the local cops leave, a Deep State Hate Crime Task Force team will show up along with BLM observers, SPLC lawyers and ATF investigators. You see, Joe Christian gunned down two innocent, unarmed car accident victims who were seeking aid. They had already phoned their mamma saying they were going to a house for help. Their call is already logged into evidence before the survivor is interviewed on the scene.

As Joe Christian’s guns remain behind federal bars and he spends years being shuffled in an out of court as America’s Great Shame, the men of his good Christian congregation organize a County Watch Association, being careful not to use such terms as militia or white in their bylaws. Just as they file an appeal on behalf of the convicted hate criminal Joe Christian, Mexican cartel MCs working under federal jurisdiction, will abduct a black man in Baltimore, then transport him to the basement of the Christian Gun Rights County Watch Association, torture and kill him and place KKK fetish relics in his bedroom closet.

Then, under Hate Crime Task Force command, a team of black American Military Contractors, vetted for their atheist, neo-con sympathies, will converge on the hate group leader’s house as U.S. Marshals, ATF, the nearly empowered domestic branch of the CIA and other agency operatives take down every CGRCWA member in the county and charge them according to the RICO statute…

LaMano, I’m glad you have your guns and expect you to use them to defend yourself. Also, based on the books you’ve purchased and your strong beliefs I expect you will defend your family and self effectively without a firearm if necessary. However, among the people I know in Baltimore County and Baltimore City, that tiny slice of the urban and suburban Caucasian population who believes it is a man’s duty to defend himself and his family, almost exclusively depend on the idea of being armed with the magic firearm and use this as an excuse not to develop a second and third tier set of home defense weapons and also not to learn empty hand measures.

For this reason, understanding that most men with sense and the resolve to defend themselves live in rural areas, I wanted to point out that the brainwashed children of these urban and suburban sissies are going to vote the 2nd Amendment into oblivion one way of another, with such fervor that it will be greeted as the greatest anti-hate act ever undertaken by man. Now that white men with guns are synonymous with hate, the Feds will begin shipping section 8 broods into rural areas as bait for such scenarios as I sketched above.

We must not forget, that by voting in the President that Should Not Have Been, that your 50-million like-minded men with guns have earned the undying hatred of 48% of the current electorate and 99.9% of the tens of thousands of federal government agents with police powers and a license to kill. As a crackpot giving advice to people who care about their own survival, I thought it only fitting to remind gun owners to learn archery, blade work and even less primitive means of surviving the attacks of innocent, unarmed, ebony martyrs, against that time when the true depths of America’s Moral Famine engulf us.

As for Guard, Reserve and Main Force military units, if they have been used in the past to quell actual negro riots in American cities, what gives us the idea that they would not be used to quell a redneck gun riot in some small town in order to save the innocent blacks from being lynched?

I am sure, that my 4 brothers and brother-in-law who served in the military, after seeing video footage of Mexican cartel members disguised as West Virginians torturing and executing innocent black honor students in some small American town, would obey their commander’s orders to rock and roll up and down the Duck River until innocent Americans had been safeguarded from the what would appear to be a KKK takeover of a county. When American service men get the go ahead to take down civilians they will have been vetted and cohorted so that Christians hit heathens, heathens hit Christians, urban and suburban men hit rural, rural hit urban and suburban resistance, etc. And they would be told that they are defending the President, the American People and their way of life. Dude, they are altering body armor for female hairstyles and making marines wear red high heels! I know a current serviceman who spends time yearly being indoctrinated in feminism. The ones that don’t go for this shit will get sent after haji and the marshmallow heads who except the feminist military will be sent after us—and when a squad of ranger babes gets shot up by some farmer—lookout, brother!

Yes, I see a future were Christian American Special Ops soldiers and naval aviators hunt white Africans to extinction at the same time that Mexican cartels are contracted by The Secretary of the Interior to clear Caucasian Americans from government land so it can be sold to China.

Enjoy Trump while you have him. Because when he is out of office we are looking at a decade-long roll back of every right you thought you had. For once, the vengeance of The State will be nakedly upon us, but the brainwashed masses will see only justice, safety and security being implemented against the hatred embodied by Caucasian gun ownership.

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MannyApril 28, 2018 10:41 PM UTC

The enemy is well on the way to elimination of legal gun ownership. This will not end well. James’s suggested 2nd and 3rd level defense must be absorbed. When they take our lives let us get a high price.
BobApril 22, 2018 12:53 AM UTC

God is mulling over His answer.
BobApril 20, 2018 8:10 PM UTC

TV outguns the gun.
responds:April 21, 2018 7:12 PM UTC

I just found this in a Robert E. Howard poem about Jesus Christ:

"Greater than God is Opinion"
DaveApril 20, 2018 11:56 AM UTC

They won’t have to forcible disarm wholesale. That is a fantasy. California is a perfect example, look at how far normal gun owners are pushed with various legislation regarding features of weapons, ammo, background, registration. It’s a slow boil.

Then they use stigmatization, the moral shunning via places of work and social media etc

Then they use it being a health/ mental issue on the insurance front.

Then they change self defense legislation as James suggests. This is the scary part, because I can solve an absence of weapons but it’s harder when it is the act of self defense that is criminalized.

They slowly strangle the life out of you while never doing any single act that would provoke an armed resistance.

We already know, without a doubt what their intentions are, why hasn’t he resistance materialized yet? Because it’s a slow boil.

I see the techno-dystopia as inevitable. I don’t think you are going to stop it, I think your best bet it to acknowledge it’s power and look at how to subvert/evade it’s mechanisms of control.

They aren’t going to let you participate in some parts of their civilization and reject what you don’t like. They want buy in.

You have to decide if their form of life is for you and if not start looking at what you are willing to sacrifice to exist on the fringes.
BobApril 20, 2018 12:06 AM UTC

The war of the coastal elites against the fly-over people seems to be shaping up as a re-run of Trotsky's incursion into the Ukraine to put down kulak resistance. That episode ended in history's oubliette pretty smartly.
LaManoApril 19, 2018 4:16 PM UTC

Good exposition of the original theme, and there's a lot of truth in it;

and knowing that this isn't a "gun forum" (tons of other places for that elsewhere, so I don't want to detract from the really unique and otherwise unavailable information here), I'll leave it where it belongs and just say one more thing ....

The Progtards owned the House, a veto-proof Senate, and the Presidency in 2010. And even with all that, they didn't pass ONE significant piece of gun legislation, didn't even try, while they had the chance, not even renewing the recently-expired bogus "Assault Weapons Ban". I think it's because they knew what would happen.

And there are sources (which for the non-distraction reasons above, your constant readers may look up separately) which list in detail exactly what it would take to repeal the 2nd Amendment. In summary, it's not going to happen in any of our lifetimes (and that's not another way of saying "cold dead hands; that assumes we all live to be 90 and get shot off our motorcycles by a jealous husband.)

And that complete Progtard Control scenario was 8 years ago. I really don't think that we're going to be in some apocalyptic gun-grabbing scenario in a mere 12 years from now.

Now, back to the blade, bill, bow, and bludgeon programming!
responds:April 20, 2018 10:34 AM UTC

Man, you make me stretch my mind more than any reader on this site.


Ishmael sent in some points of agreement I'll post this weekend on the table scraps tag.

I have been prone to think of such events as a soviet or Islamic style U.S. being in about 2050. But the pace of social change has accelerated to such a degree my gut—not my mind—is telling me 2030 is crunch time.

Take care, LaMano.