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Bad Asses and Good Thoughts
Shep, Alex Nicholson, Lynn, Nigel, Ishmael & Nero the Pict

By the way, what you write about grocery stores are universal truths. I deliver to 150 of em, and the deli managers are all bitches, the receiving clerks are always the worst bitches, the meat cutters see themselves as better than everyone, and one other thing I’ve noticed is that the bakers are the hardest working people in the store. I never see a baker engaged in idle chat, or taking their time at the cardboard baler.

Beware the average,

Tony Cox


Hope the extended winter is treating you well. This came across my radar...You might want to give it a listen. Might be that this old hat for you. Interesting interview for me.... The link

Take care man,

Nero King of Pictdom

James, LaManos is right, and blacks have been moving in for 3 yrs now, my children, and grandchildren will be disarmed in their lifetime.

Great article, my hackles came up, my head started to swivel, smell varmint shit on the wind!

I heard of gun stashes being planned and how best to protect weapons against corrosion, it will be interesting when the next liberal excessive gets into office!


A Woman Airforce Pilot in WWII

-Checkered Demon

How the UK lost it's Gun Rights

-Nigel Boadbent

Alex Nicholson's take on Varg:

The forest in European history and literature:

Gentlemen, I am pleased to invite you to the taping of the Crackpot Podcast on Tuesday, April 24, at 9:30 Pacific, 12:30 Eastern.

The topic will be the crisis of masculinity in America, and the LaFond demographic

Dennis, James, you both belong to what I call the LaFond demographic. You are men who work outside of offices, autodidacts who had limited use for formal schooling, and whose interests and beliefs align to some extent with the reactionary right.

This is something that has been intriguing to me, since the largest portion of this political movement seems to be highly educated, mildly autistic former libertarians, many of whom have also found religion. These are people whose social circle have very little intersection with the you, yet you have reached a similar world view.

How much of this has to do with your life experience, being out of school, earning a living in physically taxing and risky ways, and everything else the working class experience entails? How much of this has to do with your reading and seeking? James, I know you read the classics, I am curious how this affected your development. Dennis, do you have any watershed events in your intellectual development?

What is the interaction of masculinity, work, education? What factors underlie the decline in masculinity today? What policy changes might change that trend?

Dennis, I am attaching Masculine Axis, James' most recently published book on masculinity. Man Gearing is set to be published very soon. If you are interested in any other title, please let me know.

Dennis, you also mentioned that you had more questions you wanted to cover with James, I hope you feel free to ask them. The above is meant as a guide only, I am looking forward to where the discussion goes.



This bad mofo, who is just a footnote in history, mentioned in passing in a Peggy Lee song, could have been the real-life Mattias Tannhauser.

Robert E. Howard could have mined this guy’s biography for additional story material, but he would have had to tone it down, because nobody would believe it.

Battle Beagle 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 on Twitter

“"I'll have the XXXXX-L Soy Latte Please........With Extra Soy" "Make it a Double......."”


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