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Crackpot Podcast Ep 32

James and Lynn discuss bullying in school and other contexts. My kids were kind of wild the day we taped this!

Time Stamps:

0:00:30 Shout to Tony Cox, happy birthday to James, greetings to Big Ron

0:02:50 Topic is bullying, Fatherland Podcast

0:03:30 Does bullying have any social purpose, the story of Peanut

0:06:42 When the target can shut down the bullying

0:09:00 Is bullying inevitable among groups of children

0:10:08 The cruelty of children

0:14:50 The predatory psychology of political correctness

0:16:20 Toughness of the Spartans

0:17:00 Imperial Japanese troops

0:17:37 How much of bullying is due to school structures?

0:19:24 British Navy

0:23:08 Social hierarchy in a large group of children compared to hunter-gather tribe or small village

0:26:40 Emma in daycare

0:27:40 What can parents do to help kids avoid being a target?

0:30:30 The importance of personal autonomy

0:33:00 Maintaining a bond with your child through work, school, video games

0:39:47 What if your child is the aggressor?

0:42:30 Young people aren't forming families

0:46:46 Other types of bullying, children and technology

0:53:15 Hierarchies vs bullying, in the martial arts studio

1:01:35 Building alliances among men of different skills, abilities, temperaments, Sunset Saga

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