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Ho Cadres Ramping Up
Feminism Harm City Style Heralds Civilization's Fall

An excerpt from a government posting below is as concerned with protecting the identities of the ho gang members as it is with the preserving the false visage of public safety. The aggression by these martyr-race females is exactly the same as that engaged in my males of their race, who learn crime in the very same incubatory hive.


-demand [a stranger does not ask, they demand]

-secure-neutralize cell phone

-righteously attack

-Recover Reparations

UPDATE (April 24, 2018 4:50 p.m.):

"The last two suspects, both juveniles, involved in the carjacking of a Baltimore County school teacher at Villa Cresta Elementary School have been arrested.

The victimized school teacher at Villa Cresta Elementary School suffered minor injuries when one of the four female juvenile carjackers approached her, asking her a question meant to distract her, then knocked the cell phone out of her hand and began punching her. The teacher attempted to defend herself, but fell to the ground, at which time the juvenile violently tore the purse away from the teacher. Another suspect picked up the teacher's cell phone, and then the suspects stole her car. Two of the suspects left the scene in the teacher's black Kia Sportage. The other two left in the vehicle they had arrived in, a silver Ford Fusion with a Virginia registration plate - which the teacher looked at as they fled and gave to responding officers."

In the body of the article one 16-year-old martyr ho is pictured, one is not and the other two are protected by theri government handlers and will be released into the custody of their training officers and Reparations Recovery mentors.

Such areas of Baltimore County which have been targeted for ever-increasing levels of City-based Reparations Recovery Efforts are home to schools where the majority of the students do not reflect the demograohic makeup of the neighborhood, but are rather bussed in by the government or car-pooled in by crime sponsors.

This is highlighted by the crime spress these Reparations Recovery Agents engaged in on the day of this attack, during which they accessed five schools in the city and county, treating them as enemy supply depots, facilities to be pillaged in full knowledge that they may not be harmed by law enforcement and will be protected by the government.

Schools are the sacred founts of holy retibution in this anarcho-tyranny matrix.

"All Roads Lead to Rome"

The bottom line is, that when a civilization builds roads it open's its heart to barbarian invasion, when a civilization establishes civic norms it makes of every civilian a victim awaiting its enabled feral attacker, when the habbit of courtesy to strangers is inculcated—when every one of 330 million people are regarded as good, needy, like-minded souls—then one's school indoctrination effectively installs an exterior verbal control panel for the use of the superior barbarian, and intermediate feral, aggressor.

Barbarism has alwasy been self sustainable.

Civilizations area parasitic entities which all fall.

Your sacred garden of repose is nothing but the seedbed for your planting by your masters so that when the ferals rise up and the barbarians invade, you will be devoued at the foot of the ivory tower where reside your masters in sterile luxury.

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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LaManoApril 25, 2018 2:34 PM UTC

"Teacher was walking out with her cellphone in her hand ...."

Every woman I see walking down the street, or to her car, or ANYwhere in public has her cell/smartphone in her hand. They can never put them away, ever. What a bunch of mindless addicts. It's like someone who's always wandering around with a pint bottle or a joint in their hand.

And now it's turning out that they're going to wish that they were using that hand to carry something else, even if it's a stout ink pen, key-ring knuckle duster, or kubaton, anything to try to get the first punch into one of these feral bitch's face and have the others be like "Look out yo, she got sumfin'!"

Right now, I'm in the mode of convincing my wife that this stack of fierce-looking books on my nightstand by this Lafond character is NOT from some weird violence fetish I've developed, but information that SHE can use to defend herself, while she's still wiry and strong. She already knows not to just "do what someone says" regardless if he's got a weapon or not. Run, fall and roll under the truck and out the other side, scream, HIT HIM with something in a soft place, mouth, eyes, gouge him, run again, twist his mansack, make him think he grabbed a wolverine by mistake, anything, but don't under any circumstances give up ....
responds:April 26, 2018 2:34 AM UTC

He aren't those smart phones worth more than a TV used to be worth back when assholes were willing to break your window and run down the alley with that 50 pound idiot box?

This isn't much of a surprise.

It's a great thing you're doing with your wife. Most guys wouldn't risk the potential break in harmony.