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The Sheer Magic of Jail Riots
By American Psycho

Jail riots are always exciting, even in films, and the “macabre woodpile body stacking riot” must surely be the best ever:

“Twenty South Carolina prisoners have been killed at the hands of fellow inmates in the past 16 months. The staggering amount of violence, which includes the gang-fueled bloodshed that left seven prisoners dead and 22 injured this week at Lee Correctional Institution, has some legislators calling for more oversight and transparency at the state Department of Corrections.

At a news conference, Corrections Director Bryan Stirling said officers stormed in and took the first of three dorms back from rioting prisoners about four hours after the melee began. He said the officers were assembled at the rural prison as quickly as possible and went in only when it was safe to do so.”

Yep, real brave bastards. But, fuck, where is the reference to the woodpiles? Back to the net:

“One bloodied man tried to get up before he “started into that ‘death rattle’ people often hear about, but never experience firsthand,” the inmate told The Associated Press after the attack. Moments later, the dying man was silent, another casualty of the night’s events.

The inmate sent messages to AP as events unfolded overnight Sunday into Monday morning at Lee Correctional Institution. At the end of the seven-hour ordeal, seven inmates lay dead, with 17 others sent to hospitals for treatment.

With many cell door locks broken at Lee, a maximum-security prison, the inmate told AP he freely went outside, where he said he saw bodies “literally stacked on top of each other, like some macabre woodpile.”

This suggests an excellent strategy for reducing the prison population: simply let nature take its course. Perhaps weapons could be left lying around, carelessly. Then film it all and charge money for on-line viewing and betting. Generalize this to the wider society, to make the whole of modernity into one giant Roman bread ‘n’ circus. Oh, it already is.

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